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 Access Bank Account Of Your Deceased Family Member As A Next Of Kin Or Not

    Get A Probate Letter: This probate letter is an order given by a judge appointing an individual as executor (i.e. one who is not a lawyer but deemed to carry out the wishes of the will of the deceased) of the money and property of the deceased person, after the certification by a relevant court of law of the authenticity of the will.  It is this letter that would be tendered to the bank before access is being granted to any relative of the deceased person. An executor must always ensure the deceased person is buried before applying for the probate letter.

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    Present The Deceased's Will: You would be expected by the bank to produce a copy of the deceased will state explicitly in it that you are the beneficiary of the estate (account). It is a known fact, that all wills do have the wishes of the deceased clearly written and stated on them. The attorneys of the bank would then investigate to ensure that a genuine will have been submitted. This process takes a considerable length of time.

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    Secure The account details Of The Deceased: All the relevant account details of the deceased person will be required before any claim can be laid on the account and before its being honoured by the bank. The account details would have been stated in the will by the deceased which include: the account name, account number, nature of account (savings, current or fixed deposit), bank verification number and all other relevant information relating to the deceased bank account.

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    Submit An Application Letter: An application letter has to be submitted and being accompanied with two recent passport photographs stating that the man in question is dead and in lieu of that, you would like to empty and close his account or begin to run and operate the account.

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    Relax And Wait For The Bank To Contact You: After all these procedures have been completed, you would be told by the bank to go home and wait till you would be alerted after the completion of the investigations on their own end. If you are not contacted after 20 working days, don't hesitate to revisit the bank and demand for reason. 

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  • Edit Tips In the ordinary course of life, when someone dies, such a person will leave a will behind with their lawyer who would carry out their wishes after their death in other to avoid disagreements within their family members.
  • Edit Tips The relevant requirements of the court of law must be followed as without them, a probate letter or grant of authority would not be granted.


  • Edit Warning The grant of authority does usually comes in three forms which are; grant of letter of administration without a will, grant of letter of administration with will and grant of probate.

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