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  Build A Trust In Marriage

    Marry Someone That Loves You:  Marry the person that truly love you, the person that’s willing to spend the rest of his or her life with you not just the love of money or good looks because you might leave to regret it as time goes on. Make sure you choose wise and by doing so you will be free from any kind of regret because he or she will have been the best choice you made at that time.

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    Build On Trust: Trust your life with each other and don’t ever keep secret, keeping secret from your partner can easily ruin your marriage.  Trust each other as much as you want him or her to trust you. When You build your marriage on trust, it will reduce the chance or cases that could prompt divorce now or in the future. When you trust spouse, it would be a lot easier for you to understand yourselves and  forgive each other when he or she is wrong.

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    Talk To Each Other Regularly: Exchange your thought with each other and share your working experience, your likes and dislikes and how much you believe in each other. Whenever you having a flash of doubt about your partner don’t hesitate to ask for an explanation with calmness, this will clear your bad emotion and distrust about each other.

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    Show Your Partner You Love Him/Her: You don’t have to go all out before you show your partner you love him or her but shower little affection to each other. This can just be simple as leaving a flower or by giving your partner a surprise package. Give each other a hand and let every moment count whenever you are together.

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    Never Cheat On Your Partner No Matter What: Although this idea may sound awkward and tempting for one moment, the moment you do it, believe me, you will instantly leave to regret it. Cheating has been the major cause or reason for so many collapsed marriages in Nigeria and other parts of the world. It has contributed 60-75percents of the reasons why divorces are filled by either the husband or the wife. Thus, ensure that you don't kill your marriage yourself by cheating on your spouse. In marriage, other wrongs are easy to forgive and forget but not cheating, most especially when it is done by the wife.

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    Be Straight Forward:  Been straight forward is great in marriage. It helps in building trust and a solid marriage. Always make sure you stick to your words and ensure that you make your spouse understand when you can not do what you initially promised. Being crooked could give signs of dishonesty which can cause misunderstanding within the family and later leads to end of the marriage.

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  • Edit Tips Care for each other as much as you can: When you care for them they will trust you because they know you will do anything for them in the name of love.
  • Edit Tips Don’t let anything come between you: don’t give your partner the chance to doubt or guess anything about you because they might guess wrong or mistaken it for something else.
  • Edit Tips Stop lying: it will only get worse by lying to your spouse try to stay real and be trustworthy.
  • Edit Tips Visit a marriage counselor if needed: Be open for counseling or see a marriage coach if needed


  • Edit Warning Trust them and be careful not to let them fool you, be aware of the limit of trust and any possible danger.
  • Edit Warning Don't be misled by your friends and family, always evaluate their advise.
  • Edit Warning Don’t tie a knot with the person you never trust, follow your heart and marry someone that truly love you stay positive to have a happy family.

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