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    Hardware Needed

    • A Decoder (Gotv, Dstv, My TV, JoyTV, ACTV, Consat)
    • Coaxial cable
    • Switch or Hub.
    • A splitter
    • RJ cable 45
    • Linksys cable modem


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    Connect to your coaxial cable  is the one that connects your satellite dish to your splitter. Your splitter should be the type that has one INPUT port and OUTPUT port. The main function of splitter is to split the signal from the satellite Dish into two. One for your cable TV and other for internet access.

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    Connect to the other coaxial cable from the first OUTPUT port of the splitter to the normal INPUT port of your decoder for the TV satellite signal then connect another coaxial cable from the decoder to your TV.

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    Connect another coaxial cable from the second OUTPUT port of your splitter to your cable modem (Linksys cable modem). Ensure that it is a Linksys cable modem if you don’t want to pay extra charges for your access to the internet. With Linksys cable modem you will only pay for your normal satellite TV subscription.

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    This is where you will be able to make use of your RJ 45 Ethernet cable. Connect your RJ 45 Ethernet cable from the Linksys cable modem to your switch or hub which implies that you may want to connect two or more computer system then connect your computer with Ethernet RJ 45 cable to the switch. But if it is only one computer system just connect it straight to the cable modem with the Ethernet cable there is no need of switch or hub. Then if your cable modem is wireless type you can just connect your system through WiFi (Wireless) provided to your computer.

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    System configuration…

    • Start up your computer system but it might depend on the you are using
    • Click on the START menu
    • A dialogue box will appear with lots of option, locate CONTROL PANEL and click on it.
    • Locate NETWORK CONNECTION and click on it.
    • Now locate CREATE A NEW NETWORK and click on it.
    • This will take you to another level, locate CONNECTION TO INTERNET RADIO and click on it.
    • After all that click on NEXT button and this will lead you to another area and then click finish. 


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  • Edit Tips Once your system is configured it will work with an amazing speed.
  • Edit Tips Consult your satellite internet service provider to know how often you can make use of your internet and how you can keep track of your data usage.


  • Edit Warning Streaming online videos, playing any sensitive games online or using voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services may experience a delay on your device
  • Edit Warning Since the satellite internet relies from skies to communicate, your internet may not function very well if there is bad weather such as rain or snow storm.

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