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 Naturally Remove Facial Hair Permanently

    Use Papaya To Get Rid Of Facial Hair: Research has shown that papaya contains enzymes that help to reduce the strengths of the hair follicle and inhibit hair growth.

    Direction: Mash all ingredients and mixtures together in other to derive thick glue, this glue must be applied to the precise part where the hair is growing. Allow it to stay on the skin for about 20-25 minutes to dry, wash off with slightly warm water and dry gently. Apply baby oil or olive oil on your palm and rub gently on the skin. It is important that you ensure you do this three times in a week for two to three months in other to have a perfect result. You will be surprised with the outcome of this natural therapy. 

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    Use Turmeric To Get Rid Of Facial Hair: Turmeric has an easy nature which enables clean, smooth and gleaming skin. It has synthetic nature that can stop the development and support of hair on the skin. 

    Direction: Soak turmeric powder in milk or water to get glue that is not too hard on the face. Apply and spread the glue on your face, allow it to stay on the face for 15-20 minutes. Wash the face gently with warm water. This cure is suitable for people with lesser hair on their face, rice flour and milk work effectively with turmeric.

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    Use Chickpea Flour To Get Rid Of Facial Hair: Chickpea has been verified and certified for the use of hair removal over the years. Mothers also use chickpea flour for babies to easily remove irrelevant hairs. This process is mostly used in Asia. 

    Direction: Pour the chickpea flour into a bowl, mash turmeric, fresh cream and milk together, mix well to enable smooth glue. Spread glue all over the hair development areas, allow the glue on the face for 1 hour. After 30 minutes, start to rub the flour cover gently; proceed to wash off the glue with warm water.

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    Use Sugar-Lemon Mixture For Facial Hair: Sugar and lemon are the best removals of dead layers of the skin that helps prevent facial hair development. Lemon also contains natural bleach that lightens the skin color gradually.

    Direction: Add lemon squeeze, sugar and water together. Sugar will dissolve but not completely in water, apply on the hair development area on the face. Allow it to spread for 15-20 minutes, wash off with water and rub with tender a hand. Apply the mixture at least thrice a week, frequent application of the mixture will bring a noticeable effect of the process, including the decreasing of hair on the face.

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  • Edit Tips Apply mixtures as instructed, make sure you use all the glues consistently, this increase your chance of having a gleaming skin.


  • Edit Warning The face is a sensitive part which must be carefully managed.
  • Edit Warning The skin texture differs, make sure you stick to products that most suitable to your skin.
  • Edit Warning Don’t overuse the mixtures in aim to get faster result, remember natural product works effectively with time.

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