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 Prepare An Okro Soup

    Purchase Ingredients: The first thing to do when preparing Okro soup is to get the ingredients, which can be purchased with a little amount of money from any market close to you. Below are the lists of ingredients you need to prepare the soup. The size of ingredients you wish to use will be determined by the number of people you are serving.

       Ingredients (some are optional, depending on how you want it).

    • A bowl of Okro seed.

    • A small bunch of pumpkin leave (optional).

    • 1 kg of meat or fish (as desired).

    • Medium sized stockfish head.

    • Two or more piece dry fish.

    • Half a cup of grinded crayfish.

    • 15 - 20cl of plan oil.

    • Pomo - cow skin (optional).

    • 2-3 seasoning cubes.


    • Salt and pepper to taste.   

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    Preparation: To begin with, Wash the bowl of Okro seeds with water, cut into tiny pieces and slice gently, this is because the seed will draw properly when cut in bits. Add a little water and mix it properly then set aside. What you have to do after this is to wash and rinse the meat or fish and cowskin. If you are making use of fish, you will need to boil it briefly in a pot of water after seasoning it then take out the fish and keep the extract aside. But if you are making use of meat, you can boil it together with the cowskin. Wash and rinse the meat and cowskin into a pot, add seasoning, add water then boil for a few minutes till it is tender. Set aside and keep the extract. Remember to dice the cowskin after it has cooled off.


     Next, wash the dried and stock fish then soak in hot water until it is soft, drain the water when the fish is soft enough. Set all this aside and move on to the cooking of the soup.

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    Cooking: Cooking of Okro soup can be done easily under 20 minutes, that is how fast it is when you have all your ingredients ready. Start by placing a clean pot on a stove, gas or electric cooker; pour two cups of water into the pot with the fish or meat extract, add pepper and palm oil then leave it to boil for some minutes.  When that is done, pour the boiled meat or fish, cowskin, soaked dry fish and stock fish into the extract, add seasoning and salt for the right taste. Cover it and let it boil for some minutes. The last tuning to do is to add Okro and pumpkin leave (if desired), stir properly till the Okro blends with the soup. Let it boil for a little time and do not cover so as not to get rid of the slime which is the uniqueness of Okro soup.  With this, you have just made yourself a delicious Okro soup. Bon appetite!

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    Serving: Okro soup can be served with swallow food such as Fufu, Eba, Semo and so on. It is usually served at home and in some restaurants. It is best enjoyed when it is hot!

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  • Edit Tips Get a very succulent Okro, this type will draw very well.
  • Edit Tips Use a variety of fish or meat.
  • Edit Tips Make sure your extract is tasty.


  • Edit Warning Do not cover the Okro soup when Okro has been added
  • Edit Warning Do not use excess water.

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