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 Prepare Edikaikong Soup

    The ingredients needed to cook Edikaikong.

    ·         Water leaf

    ·         Fluted pumpkin(ugwu leaves)

    ·         Stock fish head

    ·         Dried fish or roasted fish

    ·         Grinded crayfish (1 cup)

    ·         Assorted meats

    ·         Kpomo (Cow Skin)

    ·         Palm oil

    ·         Seasoning

    ·         Salt and pepper to taste

    ·         Periwinkles (1 cup)

    ·         Ofor or achi (2 cups)

    ·         Cup of sliced onions


    After being conversant with the ingredients to be used in the preparation of the edikaikong soup, let’s proceed to the other steps and procedures that would be required in its actual preparation. 

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    Parboil The Meat: The meat should be parboiled with the necessary ingredients and well spiced with one or two cubes of seasoning (maggi, knorr or anyone of your choice), half cup of sliced onions, salt and other spice of your choice. Then cook for about 10 minutes after which you will add little water and cook till meat is 70% soft enough for human consumption. Then wash the dry fish and stock fish with hot water to remove sand and impurities then add to the cooking meat on fire. Meanwhile, your meat, kpomo, and stockfish should not contain water, either you cook and drain off the water or you cook them till the water dries off totally, because the water will be too excessive by the time you add water leaves and pumpkin leaves to your favourite edikaikong soup.

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    Slicing And Cleaning Of Your Vegetables: Here, you would slice the ugwu leaves (pumpkin leaves) and Water leaves to bits with the help of a very sharp knife and a chopping board. Then pour the leaves separately in clean bowls, soak in water and wash to remove sand. It is necessary to wash the leaves thoroughly before slicing or slice before washing because they carry lots of sand. You can also wash the fluted pumpkin before slicing but you will need to slice the water leaves before washing.

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    Actual Cooking: This is where the real cooking is done by adding to the boiling meat on fire, a cup of Palm oil (as it takes lots of oil to prepare this soup), salt and pepper to taste then cook for about 5-10 minutes, but you need to be sure the whole combination is boiling with very little trace of water. Afterwards stir and taste for salt and pepper before adding the water leaves, stir and allow for about 3 minutes again then add the ugwu leaves (fluted pumpkin), stir, add the grinded crayfish, pepper, periwinkles and one or two cubes of seasoning, then stir and taste for salt. If your meat, kpomo and stock fish are well spiced, you will notice that there will be no need to add more salt. You can then add the grinded ofor or achi and stir again and cover half-way. Allow to simmer for 3 to 5 minutes and ensure that it is not over cooked.


    Your delicious Nigerian edikaikong soup is done and ready to be served with Nigerian fufu, semo, wheat, eba, or pounded yam.

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  • Edit Tips Water should not be added in the preparation of the edikaikong because all the vegetables (waterleaf, fluted pumpkin) would sweat out water and your edikaikong is not meant to be watery.
  • Edit Tips After adding all the vegetables and required seasoning, the pot should only be covered half way in other for the vapour to see a way to pass out of the pot.


  • Edit Warning The only downside to this soup is that it loses its nutritional value when refrigerated over a long period of time so it is advisable to make what would be enough for few days, one week at most.

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