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 Start Poultry Farming In Nigeria

    Get A Location: The highly recommended and ideal location for a poultry farm is a place where a very large portion of land is available, affordable, in proximity to a highly populated area and not too close to residential area. Your poultry farm must be highly ventilated and have enough space for expansion. Also, your poultry farm must be easily accessible to urban centres in order to reduce the cost of transportation. It is known that birds have a bad odour from droppings hence they must be located a little far away from residential areas in other to avoid conflict and disagreements from other residents.

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    Choose A Your Bird Type: Poultry farming involves various types of domestic birds such as turkey, chicken, peacock, guinea fowl, quail, pigeon or duck. You would therefore need to decide on the type of bird you desire to raise. It is advisable for beginners to raise chickens (either layers or broilers). This is due to the fact that chickens have the largest rate of consumption in Nigeria which has resulted in a lot of people venturing into the business; therefore, it is easier to get supports in case you have any problem.

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    Choose A Housing Type For Your Birds: Three main type of housing system is required  and used in raising birds namely: (I) deep litter system: this is locally known as sawdust system; this requires keeping the birds in an enclosed concrete flooring, after which sawdust is being spread on the floor. This kind of system is mostly adapted by farmers who are raising broilers due to the fact that it makes it easier for raising a large number of birds.  (ii) Free range system: this method is common and mostly used in the rural areas in which the birds are allowed to freely roam around. Here, the birds are left to search for food by themselves or occasionally fed. (iii) Battery cage system: here the use of metal cages is split into different compartments to house the birds. The construction of the cage enables the birds to have water, feeding troughs and an egg catcher.

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    Provision Of Feeds: Birds also needs food to grow strong and healthy, just the same way with human beings. The best feeds should be provided for your birds because a large portion of your running cost would be spent on providing the right feeds for your birds.

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    Get A Vet: Your birds should be administered with proper vaccines from time to time in order to ensure they are in good health. You can get a vetinary doctor or find someone that is very experienced in this line to help you. Also, the poultry farm environment must be kept clean regularly in other to prevent diseases. Be a good observant of your birds to know when they are sick or about to. Meanwhile, always ensure you isolate the sick ones because most bird diseases are easily spread within them.

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  • Edit Tips The various areas of poultry farming that are available for you to invest in are, Meat production, Feed production, Egg production, Poultry consultancy, Hatchery and Equipment manufacturing.
  • Edit Tips With all the above listed, you can actually make up your mind on the aspect of poultry farming business to venture into.


  • Edit Warning It is therefore recommended that starters should focus more on meat and egg production due to the fact that they do not require any special skills unlike running an equipment, hatchery, manufacturing and consultancy poultry farming.

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