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 Start a Friend With Benefits Relationship

    Pick Someone Available: Yes! Available, not every single girl or guy is available. Make sure he or she is emotionally stable and ready to hook up with you. He/she should be the fun type; this makes the whole process easy right from the start. When picking someone, it is very important that you choose someone that is matured enough to handle the relationship. 

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    Someone That Won’t Get Too Attached: This is very important when you are picking someone for friends with benefits relationship. Always remember your intentions, so don't let emotion set in and don't be carried away. Make sure he or she has something going before meeting you, don’t pick a lonely person that will always spend time with you. He or she might want to take it to the next level.

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    Pick Someone You Like: Someone you already like will surely be a good pick. You can spend time with him or her without getting bored, pick someone you already like not someone you will like to date and be sure he or she is also willing to have such relationship. 

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    Choose Someone Out Of Your Daily Routine: Do not pick someone within your work circle, friends, family or associate. Make sure he or she does not have any background attachment or sentiments towards you. Remember friends with benefits relationship does not last long, It’s just for a short period of time. Choosing someone you have a history with might spring up some kind of feelings you don’t want. Thus, be careful when choosing and don’t forget that the relationship is just for the sexual benefits of both of you.

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    Flirt With The Person: Once you have the preferred person you like and want for the act. Start flirting with him or her, make your intention known without any emotional feelings attached to it, and remember it’s a friend with benefits relationship. Though it might be very hard to convince anyone to be in such relationship with you but you can communicate through your body and gestures. Flirting such as making your eyes run frequently through his/her sensitive sexy parts of her body, teasing, sensitive touching and mere attention towards her could arouse his or her urge but you still have to make your intention known so that you won’t be misinterpreted.

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    Start Seeing Each Other: By the time both of you are willing to do this, don’t hesitate to start kissing, romance and getting intimate. Do not compliments her often, no emotional attachments, make her realize it’s strictly a friend with benefits relationship.

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    Rules: This is the important part of it all, that best describe and explain what you two are getting into. It’s very essential to have this discussion before having sex. Make sure both of you understands and also ready to go through the route based on the terms and conditions you both wish to abide by.  Please kindly make it clear that both of you are here to have fun and not something serious other than the benefits. Both parties should agree that when an emotion starts to set in, you two will have to quit and stop seeing each other. In other to prevent anyone from been hurt and things getting messy in general.

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    Sex: A friend with benefits simply means sex partners. The act is all about kissing, romance and getting intimate and been free to see someone else. Have sex frequently as long as the body is willing, get loose, and try new tricks you have always wished to do. These new tricks will be needed and much more useful for you and your future partner. Enjoy the sex, friends with benefits is just for a short period of time. However, having unprotective sex is highly not recommended, you don’t want to blame yourself for having fun. It is very paramount that you both ensure that you have protective sex, not because of unwanted pregnancy alone but Sexual Transmittable Diseases (STDs).

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    Do Your Thing: Remember it is only a bed affair to be straight and honest. Don’t get lost in the act; remember it’s going to end sooner than later. You are free to entertain and accept proposals, side attraction and date someone else. Plan for the future, share your latest happenings with each other and know when to quit the act and move on with a serious relationship when it is time.

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    Time To Quit: This is time to say goodbye and move on. There are few things that might lead to this decision, may be one person is getting too attached, both of you might get bored of the whole act or one of you has found someone  willing to be serious and take it to the next level. Friends with benefits will not last a lifetime. Make sure you respect and accept your partner's decision when he or she wants out. however, both of you might get used to each other, feelings spring up and you are both sure you really want to date and be together, fair enough just be sure.

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  • Edit Tips Make sure you are prepared for the act and also feel comfortable while engaging in such act. It’s very important to practice safe sex with your partner.


  • Edit Warning Don’t choose someone you already crushing on. Do not introduce him or her to your family or going to important social outings with her. Avoid seeing each other or been together often.

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