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 Use Baking Soda For Hair And Skin Care

    Body Exfoliant And Facial Scrub: An effective facial scrub and body exfoliant can be made by mixing 3 tablespoons baking soda with brown sugar and water.  Spread this on your face or body in a circular motion for at least 15 minutes, then rinse it and make use of it daily as it’s really easy to make. It works perfectly more than some expensive facial masks in the market today.



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    Foot Soaks: Add Epsom salt and baking soda into warm water (if you want to make it extra effective add one lemon) this helps to cleanse, give a fair skin and shines to your nails. Soak your foot in this mixture for about 15 to 20 minutes, after wards; use a foot stone to scrub your foot as it helps to get rid of dead cells around your foot. Use a towel to dry your foot and apply a moisturizer after that.

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    Nail Care: It is time to clean your nails when you notice any color changes in it and this can be done at least once in a week with baking soda. However, due to excessive use of nail polishes, harsh detergents or nail polish remover our nails can change its color but don’t worry, all you need to do is take a nail brush; add baking soda and a few lemon drops then start scrubbing your nails with it, After 10 minutes wash it off. 

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    Acne Scar Masks: Try using baking soda in fading your ugly acne scars because it’s cheaper and more effective than other home remedies.  It works like magic on acne scars as it sheds your old skin and helps to growing new skin. Take one tablespoon of baking soda, add olive oil in it and apply it with your hands or Q-tip (cotton ball) then massage in a circular motion. Let it stay for 30 minutes, after which you can wash your face with warm water. 

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    Hand Softener: Do you desire soft hands without using any chemicals? Then stop using the harsh soap or beauty creams you are using. Take a tablespoon of baking soda, half tablespoon crushed sugar and a few drops of olive oil and rub on your hands. Wash your hands with just water after 10minutes. Your hands stay soft for 24 hours or more and you can continue using it every day for even result.

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  • Edit Tips Baking powder should be used for hair and general skin care several times a week to get better results.
  • Edit Tips Using baking soda and salt to brush your teeth helps to get rid of all your teeth problems and make you germs free.
  • Edit Tips Washing your hair with baking soda and after that condition your hair with olive oil as it helps to get rid of hair loss and promote hair growth


  • Edit Warning Avoid the over usage of the baking soda as it should be used according to the specified measurement which is usually {1-2 teaspoon} because it’s over usage might lead to negative reaction.

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