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    International Passport: Every Nigerian is entitled to own a Nigeria international passport. The passport can be obtained from the immigration offices across the country, the international passport enables you to move around the world once you must have met the visa requirement of the countries you which to visit. Getting an international passport takes a day to be issued, they require basic documents namely birth certificate, valid identification card such as voters card, school Identification cards, work Identification cards to mention a few, recent passport photograph is also needed. After collecting your international passport, you can now think of applying for a visa.

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    Visa Requirements: Processing a Schengen visa can be easy when you follow the due procedures. Visit the embassy of the Schengen state you wish to visit, check for useful information on the state website online. After getting the requirements needed in applying for a Schengen visa, financial documents which serve as proof that you can cover your expenses during your stay, medical insurance, and hotel reservation amongst others, depending on the policy of state you are visiting.

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    Visa Application: The Schengen visa application form is online, which you are expected to download and fill carefully with valid information requested for the visa requirements.

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    Submission of Application Form: After filling the application form properly with adequate and valid information. You will have to take the form to the embassy of the Schengen state you wish to visit for submission. Make sure you are submitting valid documents needed for the visa processing with this you stand a greater chance of securing a Schengen visa with ease and hassle free. All documents will be accessed for authentification. Once the documents meet the requirements demanded by the embassy you will be contacted and the visa will be ready for pick up. These are vital factors that must be considered before delving into the whole process. 

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  • Edit Tips The Schengen visa is regarded as one of the most powerful visa unlocking so many countries in Europe.
  • Edit Tips Getting a Schengen visa through the authorized platform makes it much easier and drama-free.
  • Edit Tips Always make at least 1-month enquiries, visit the Schengen states website online to check each and every state requirement because their policy is slightly different but you can still move freely with a valid document with all the Schengen membership states.


  • Edit Warning Make sure you are cleared of past and present criminal charges which you shouldn’t be involved in the first place. If not, consult a law firm that can provide you with an intelligent lawyer in other to get cleared of all charges.
  • Edit Warning Avoid submission fake documents, because it can jeopardize your chance of securing a visa.
  • Edit Warning Avoid lying on any of the documents.

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