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Detect Lumps Early And Avoid Breast Cancer

    Swelling of the breast, including the armpit and the collarbone: Research and studies has revealed swollen breast to be an inflammatory breast cancer, it also a dangerous type of the disease. The swelling of the breast will become more visible as it spreads to the lymph nodes; this directly affects the armpit and the collarbone which is meant to be a support cast for the shoulder. It is advisable to seek medical treatment promptly.

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    A sudden change in skin texture: Skin texture of the breast changes varies just like several skin condition affecting other parts of the body, such as itching, ulceration, rash, swelling eczema and sunburn. However, there is a particular form of the disease on the skin, such as persistent pain, warmth and redness is all visible on the breast.

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    Nipple discharge: Nipple discharge is a normal occurrence for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding periods. But, any nipple discharge asides from milk calls for concern and needs to be examined swiftly. When the nipple discharge contains blood, spontaneous and consistent discharge, mainly one breast is affected. All these factors make breast cancer a possibility.

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    Changes in breast size and shape: The girl child body begins to change as she attains puberty stage which is a sign of growth within some specific part of the body, the breast is one of those, however any changes in size or shape that has to do with one breast can be caused by fibrocystic breast disease. This is definitely a cause for concern because the disease now determines how the breast looks, also it could be monthly hormonal cycles. After self-examination during your regular monthly cycles, you should make an appointment with your doctor for professional and medical examination.

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    Nipple retraction: This reaction can also occur due to numerous conditions on the breast, nipple reaction, inverted nipple is simply the process where the point of the breast is inverted or turns inward. This condition can be a result of scarring tissue behind the nipple; such symptoms are thickening of the nipple, swelling of the breast, dimpling, nipple pain, nipple discharge and also nipple inversion. However, nipple retraction can occur during menstrual cycles or ovulation periods. Consult a medical practitioner for evaluation and diagnosis.

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  • Edit Tips Constant self-examination is a good way of familiarizing yourself with your breast, skin, nipples, armpit and collarbone; it allows you to detect any unusual form or condition evolving around your breast. I should emphasis on keeping records whilst examining your breast. Doctors can work with that if any condition raises a stare.


  • Edit Warning Self-examination is primarily to know how your breast looks and feel in order to detect any symptoms of breast cancer.
  • Edit Warning This article is a study on how to detect the symptoms of breast cancer early enough and not to be used for treatment.
  • Edit Warning Always consult medical practitioner for proper evaluation.

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