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Do Facials With Natural Ingredients In Nigeria

    Skin Cleansing: Cleansing of the skin is the first step in doing a facial. This process involves washing the face, ears and neck with the help of a cleanser so that the dirt inherent in the skin is removed from it. With the help of a makeup remover, you can also remove the makeup.

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    Exfoliating: This is done with the help of a facial scrub and using your fingers, the scrub is rubbed over the face in a circular motion. Special concentration should be placed on the forehead and around the nose. Also, extra rubbing should be carried out on the greasy areas of your face. After which you are expected to rinse the face thoroughly because the exfoliating scrub dries the skin.

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    Steaming And Application Of Mask: The main aim of steaming is to clean the pores of the skin on the face which accumulate toxins and dirt. The heated steam helps to dissolve the hardened dirt particles and drains them away from the face. When the face is totally free from the accumulated dust, the pores then become more receptive to the ingredients applied to the skin in later stages of the facial process. A mask is then applied to the whole face except the area around the eyes. Here the mask remains in place for about 10 to 20 minutes after which it is thoroughly rinsed. You can then moisturize your face afterward.

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    Facial With Honey: A face mask made of honey is suitable mostly for dry skin types since it naturally moisturizes the skin. Any kind of honey can be used; you only need to let stay on the face for a few minutes, rinse with warm water, then pat dry with a towel. You can also combine honey and olive oil to make a great facial mask. You can achieve this by mixing vinegar, olive oil and honey in equal proportion and apply to the face for fifteen minutes, then wash off with tepid water.

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    Facial With Plain Yogurt: Plain yogurt is a natural skin toner which can be used for any kind of skin regardless of its type. However, before applying it on your face, you must ensure that the yogurt is plain and does not contain any artificial flavors. All you need to do is to take a suitable amount of plain yogurt and apply it on your face in a thin layer letting it sit there for at least ten minutes then wash and pat the face dry with a towel.

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    Facial With Egg: Egg white is another very beneficial natural ingredient. Egg white can be beaten and applied to the face until it becomes dry. Clay has the quality of drawing impurities out of the skin, so mix the clay with water so that it becomes a paste. Apply on the face then rinse off after some minutes.

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  • Edit Tips Knowing how to do facial at home with natural ingredients will not only allow you to save a good amount of your hard-earned money but will also enable you to go through with the procedure at any time of your own convenience.


  • Edit Warning It’s a must to always remember to moisturize your face since the skin is already dry and lost its mildness due to the steaming, so moisturizing will help the face restore its mildness.
  • Edit Warning Also, before applying any natural ingredients all over your face, it is advisable to perform a simple test by putting a tiny bit of the ingredient on the back of your hand and let it stay for a short while. This is only to make sure that your skin is not allergic to that particular item.

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