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Grow A Beard Fast In Nigeria.

    Shave Your Hair Regularly: You should shave your facial hair regularly in other to make it come out evenly. The worst way growing a beard is to stop shaving or to never start. This result is uneven, patchy and thin beards that just flat-out would not look good on your face. Keep shaving regularly even if your facial hair is not growing evenly all around your face, be patient and continue shaving until it does. If you can feel hair growing on the tip of your chin, under your neck and the same rate it grows on your sideburns, which mean you are ready to grow a beard. Continue shaving your facial hair until it becomes evenly. There is a bit you can do to speed your facial hair growing process, just be patient cause you facial hair will eventually grow up as thickly as possible. Some people simply would not be able to grow full bread, because genetics too have a lot to do with the ability to grow facial hair.

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    Raise Testosterone Level To Grow Fast Your Facial Hair: If you have not started growing facial hair and you have gone through puberty or currently going through puberty, there are some simple things that can be done to help you stimulate testosterone levels and also encourage hair growth. The outcome won't necessarily be fast but you will get your hair growing if you do the following; 

    • Doing intensity exercise, cardio and some strength training few times in a week usually encourage testosterone growth in males and this will help the facial hair to grow fast.
    • Increasing your Vitamin D level will also help in growing your facial hair. You can do this naturally by taking a time out in the sun, or by taking vitamin D supplement.
    • A researcher recently came up with a herb known as “ashwagandha” that help stimulates testosterone in men. It is also known as an adaptogen and commonly sold as a supplement. This supplement is common in United States, Europe and some Asian countries, you are likely to find it in some big medical stores in Nigeria but if you are unable to, you can make an order online and have it delivered to your doorstep here in Nigeria.


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    Take A Perfect Care Of Your Facial Skin:  In the main time as you try to stimulate your facial hair growth, it is very important for you to take good care of your skin and address issues that hinder your facial hair growing. Talk to professionals or specialists about problems with acne, dryness, or rosacea before deciding to grow a beard. See your dermatologist to prescribe medication that can help you in growing your facial hair, and make sure you still shave regularly. To keep the follicle healthy and stimulated, you must always keep your face moisturized.

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    Start A Fresh Shave: You can start from scratch by trimming any facial hair you have off, shave closely to the skin. This will make your facial hair grow evenly as possible as you start your new beard.


    After shaving, wait for 4 weeks without doing anything rather than washing and taking care of your skin. Your facial hair should start coming up after this procedure.

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    Manage The Itchiness Of The Early Growth: Most guys put a stop to growing beard because it gets itching. You need to understand that the itching only lasts for 4 weeks before you will eventually get used to it when the beard softens slightly. Use a natural beard oil or moisturizer on your beard follicles to soften the hair and to keep the beard from itching too much.

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    BE PATIENT: It takes some guys a while to grow a beard, while some guys seem so lucky growing beard quickly, all because everyone has different facial growth rates. Whatever age or maturity level you find yourself, always stay patient and allow your hair to grow at its own pace.

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  • Edit Tips Always make sure you shave your facial hair from time to time to allow it grow rapidly. Keeping beard offer variety of health benefits like trapping dust to help you avoid asthma attacks and upper respiratory infections, also serve as a windbreaker and help to shield the face during cold weather.


  • Edit Warning It advisable to allow your facial hair or beard grow by itself naturally, because if it is been forced out by other means, it may cause severe itching and even skin disease like bumps.

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