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Invest In Barbing Salon Business In Nigeria As An Entrepreneur

    Make A Plan: If you want to run it as an owner/barber you will need to enroll for an apprenticeship which might take you 10-24months to properly learn the art of haircut. You need to be perfect in your service because that is the major advert of your business, your work will advertise you. Ensure that you perfect the necessary art of haircuts such as hair blending, shaping, trimming, beard or hair shaving, hair dying, hair relaxation and Dreadlocks. Meanwhile, if you want to run it as a business man you don't need to learn the work. 

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    Study Your Location: Before you rent a shop, do feasibility study on the location, this includes knowing the number of potential customers and competitors in the location. This is to ensure that the quality of the business being doable at the chosen location. 

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    Rent A Shop(s): After a proper consideration of the subjects in your feasibility study, then you need to rent a shop. A shop might cost you between N18, 000 to N36, 000 per year (agreement and agent fee not included) depending on the location and how developed the area is. However, ensure that the shop has enough space to accommodate your equipment (mentioned below) and customers. 

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    Do The Wiring: You can't use the initial wiring system done by your landlord/Landlady/Caretaker, you need to get an electrician and re-wire your shop to fit the purpose of a barbershop. The major thing is that you must make a provision for 2-4 wall sockets for clippers, 2 wall sockets for standing fans, 1 or 2 for your TV and Sound System, Air Conditional Wall Socket, Generating Set Connection Terminal, 2-4 lamp holders for Ring Fluorescent Bulbs inside, Another 2 outside, And Get an Extension Box for your customer service. 

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    Do The Painting: Giving your shop a brilliant look with paints will help in branding your business and standing out among your competitors. Don't use the traditional white paint used by the old barbershop. Hire the service of a good painter and use some beautiful paint combinations that will make your shop attractive to your customers.

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    Tile Up Your Shop: Get some beautiful floor tiles from the market if your shop is not already tiled and tile it up. This will also compliment the beauty of the paint and brings out the brilliant look of your shop. The elegant look of your shop makes it more appealing, environment friendly and conducive to your customers. 

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    Furnish Your Shop: Some certain amount of your capital will be invested in furniture. You will need to purchase 4 revolving seats. A revolving seat will make your work faster and easier as it will save you the time of moving around, you can easily turn or spin the chair instead of you moving around. Purchase a 3 sitter and double sitter each, ensure it is not fabric or leather chair. The benefit of getting aluminum chairs is that it occupy a lesser space than traditional fabric or leather chairs. It also beautifies your shop. Purchase and install 3 Set of 4-by-8feets wall mirrors braced with aluminum or wood,  Erect a wall stand for your Television set, DStv (Gotv, Startimes or any other cable decoder) and Sound System. Put two different standing fans (preferably Medium size Ox fan) at the corners of your shop, install a 2horsepower air conditioner (AC) and two wall boxes. The boxes are meant to keep your reserve tools and equipment, such as clippers, dye, shampoo, relaxer, hair conditional, sporting waves creams, after shaves and some other treatment items. 

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    Purchase Your Equipment: Ensure you go for original tools. Purchase 3Set of clippers, a sterilizer box, a towel-warmer, 5set of hair combs, 10pieces of hair brushes, 10 pieces of aprons (cover clothes), 10 pieces of drying towels, a set of saloon deep basin (wash hand basin), a hand dryer, waste bin, and a 2.5-3.0KW power generating set. Also, get some other things like dye, shampoo, hair conditioner, sporting waves creams and relaxer, and so on. 

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    Setup Your Shop: Now that you have purchased all your necessary equipment, the next thing is to arrange and set them up. You can visit two or more standard barbershops that are obviously better than your competitors to see how they are setup. This will give you the necessary clue on how to properly arrange and setup your shop. However, ensure that your shop is arranged in a way that will make your customers comfortable and want to patronize you often. 

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    Brand Your Shop: Branding in this era is another way of indirectly selling your service to people beyond its normal cost. Give your barbershop a unique and convincing brand name. Avoid using some traditional names, choose a simple brand name that people can easily remember and get along with. Place a medium size signpost in front of your shop, don't write too much or have a barbing image on it, make it simple and convincing. The major thing NEXT SALON is selling is the brand, thus, have it in mind that your brand helps a lot on how successful your business can be.

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    Employ Your Stylist: Finding a good stylist or stylists for your barbershop might be hard a bit. Because you need to ensured that your stylist(s) is (are) capable enough to deliver a satisfactory service to your customers. It is absolutely essential that you employ a good barber as your stylist. You can put out an advert and get a couple numbers of applicants. Test and interview them to select the best among them for your business. If you know any apprentice that is very good, you can talk to him in other to have him as your stylist after completing his term with his boss. However, you can also employ a stylist as a result of a referral. 

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    Launch Your Saloon: Set out a day to formally launch your barbershop, start by offering a reasonable promo. Create a convincing awareness within and outside your target areas. Give your potential customers room to check out your shop, ask questions and also experience the environment.  The price of your services must be typeset in a paper and pasted on the wall where it can be easily seen by your customers.

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    Payment Structure: Now that your business has been kickstarted, you need to decide if you want the stylist to be paying you weekly or monthly or you will be the one paying him. According to our research after a careful observation of different case studies, we highly recommend that you should be receiving a certain amount of money from him weekly or monthly. This payment is called 'Deliver' in Nigerian term. This is the most effective and efficient way of running a successful barbershop. This process automatically gives the stylist a reasonable target. After meeting up with his weekly or monthly payment (Deliver), he would need to make some money for himself. Meanwhile, if you want to be paying him, you must ensure that you employ a sales representative that receives money, issue receipts to customers and gives account of daily, weekly or monthly sales to you. 

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    Secure A License: Ensure that your stylist joins Lagos State Barbing-Hairdressing And Cosmetology Association if you are within Lagos state, pay the necessary dues and always attend their meetings. If you are in other states, making findings on their association and ensure your stylist become their member. Failure to do this may result to lockup of your shop by the association. In other to avoid this, ensure that all the required payment are made. 

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    Finally, irrespective of the payment structure you choose, don't spend two weeks without paying a visit to your shop to observe the business activities. 

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  • Edit Tips Ensure that your workers always look smart and neat.
  • Edit Tips Don't focus too much on the profit; ensure you win the heart of your customers.
  • Edit Tips Give your first-time comers reason to patronize you ahead your competitors and always ensure your returning customers have enough reasons to stick with you.
  • Edit Tips Ensure that your stylist is punctual and truthful. Educate him on the damages lateness and dishonesty could cost your business and the integrity of your brand.
  • Edit Tips Ensure that your environment is clean always.


  • Edit Warning Do not make your stylist uncomfortable with you, always be free and kind to him.
  • Edit Warning Be disciplined, don't go there to receive part of your weekly or monthly payment before the due time.
  • Edit Warning Each time you come around, always ensure you have a good relationship with your customers.
  • Edit Warning Open yourself to receive complaints, observation, advice and feedback from your customers
  • Edit Warning Ensure that family and friends pay for the services render to them by the stylist to save your business and also avoid exploitation.
  • Edit Warning Never neglect your competitors.

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