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Prepare Egusi Soup.

    Get Your Ingredients: You will need to get the following ingredients to prepare your soup, the ingredients can be purchased in any market around you. You should know that the quantity of ingredients to use depends on the number of people you want to serve.

     Ingredients (some are optional):

    • 3 cups of Egusi (melon).

    • Two Dry fish.

    • Half a cup of blended crayfish.

    • Ground pepper.

    • 15cl of palm oil.

    • Pomo (cow skin).

    • Your Meat of choice (chicken, beef, goat meat, or assorted meat).

    • Locust beans (Iru), Ogiri or Dawadawa.

    • 3 seasoning cubes.

    • One medium sized stockfish head (optional).


    • Salt to taste (optional).

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    Preparation: After getting your ingredients, start by grinding the three cups of egusi with a dry mill blender or manually with a hand grinding machine, pour in a bowl, add a cup of water and the grinded pepper. Stir properly to make a thick paste.


    Next, wash and rinse the meat and pomo you bought properly, pour in a pot add seasoning and adequate water, boil meat until tender then set aside. Soak the stockfish and dry fish in a bowl with hot water then wash properly and remove bones.  Also, wash and squeeze the bitter leaf continuously until the bitter taste is out of the leaf, if you buy the already squeezed bitter leaf in the market you will need to parboil it for a few minutes to remove the remaining bitter taste. When all this has been put in place, you can move o to the next step which is the actual cooking.

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    Cooking: Cooking Egusi soup is something that can be done under twenty minutes when you have all your ingredients ready. You will need to start by placing a clean pot on the fire, add the 15cl of palm oil and allow to heat for a few seconds but do not heat it for too long so as not to bleach the oil.


    Next, pour the Egusi paste in the heated oil and stir continuously for some minutes until little crumbs are formed. Pour the boiled meat, soaked fish, pomo, blended crayfish, locust beans, ogiri or Dawadawa and salt into the Egusi and stir everything together. Cover and let it simmer for a few minutes but stir occasionally to prevent burning. The soup is close to being done at this point, the last thing to do is to add the washed and squeezed bitter leaf to the Egusi, you can add a pinch of salt to the leaf to taste, your soup is completely done when you let Egusi soup cook for a few more minutes.

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    Serving: Egusi soup can be served with pounded yam, Eba, Amala, Rice, Semo e.t.c... It is a soup that can be served as a domestic dish at home, or as a contemporary dish in restaurants and at social events.

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  • Edit Tips Watch it time to time to avoid burning.
  • Edit Tips Blend some crayfish with the Egusi.
  • Edit Tips Take your time to make the Egusi sauce.
  • Edit Tips You can also make use of pumpkin leaf.


  • Edit Warning Make sure you wash and squeeze the bitter leaf very well so as not to make the bitter taste sip into the sauce.
  • Edit Warning Don't add too much salt.

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