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Prepare For a Job Interview In Nigeria

    Make Research About The Company’s Profile: Begin by making research about the company’s profile, make findings about their plans and what they set to achieve in the nearest future.  You should be confident enough to talk extensively about the organization and the section you belong to. Speak with employees working at the company for useful information and how the company operates. Keep up with the company’s past, recent and on-going activities. Make use of the internet to stay inform with the company’s doings such as their website, business magazines and annual report to accumulate and extract useful information. 

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    Practice With Your Friend: Practicing with a friend helps you prepare well for an interview, your friend will act the role of interviewer. This method serves as a structure for your preparation and also prepares you to be comfortable during the interview proper.

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    The Day Of Interview: Dress to the interview like you going to work. The way you dress is a sign of your professionalism and how competent you are. It's advisable for men and women to choose colors such as blue, black, brown and gray these colors portrait professionalism or dress with a bit of the company's colour. Your clothes must be well ironed, try and avoid perfume with a strong scent that might lead to sneezing for other applicants and interviewers. The interviewer, current workers and customers view you as a staff of the company already. Doing that increases your chance of getting the job.

    Arrive at the venue 30minutes or an hour before the commencement of the interview. Make sure you have extra copies of your CV, resume, cover letter and documents that will be needed for the interview. Ensure you eat a healthy meal before leaving home, it is normal for you to feel nervous when anticipating and preparing for an interview. Exercising can also help, try and work out for an hour, take a cold shower to freshen up and calm the nerves.

    Show courtesy to everyone that are present at the interview. Smile with people around you, smiling signal friendliness and confidence. Improve your diction, talking audibly shows to people the level of your confident. Good behavior shows you can manage and be properly managed.


    Make sure your answers are short and simple. When you spend much time on a question, trying to convince the interviewer might possibly get him or her confused. Keep your answers short and simple. Give constructive and illustrative qualities when asked to talk about yourself.

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    Get Involved In The Interview: Asking questions during interview gives a good impression and shows your level of interest in the job. It's important to come prepared for an interview, ask the interviewer questions that have to do with the company policies and activities. Ask questions that have to do with future prospects like new invents, markets and strategies that the company can explore for years to come.

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    Be Blunt: When you are been asked a question you don’t know, be bold enough to tell the interviewer(s) you don’t know. This will translate your confidence and how bold you can be in the presence of challenges. When you don’t understand a question asked by an interviewer, don’t hesitate to ask him/her to clarify it for you.   

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    Negotiate Your Remuneration Package: This is a question many applicants always shy away from. You must know your worth and place a target on yourself before attending an interview. You can make inquiries from workers at the company about the salary structure a starter should start with.  Be modest with your response; give a reasonable prize to compliment your qualification. In Conclusion, always have it in mind that in every interview what they want to test is your confidence and intelligence level. 

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  • Edit Tips Preparation is very important while anticipating for a job interview. Make sure you are physically and mentally prepared before attending any job interview.
  • Edit Tips Be cordial and behave properly before, during and after the interview.
  • Edit Tips Keep to time and arrive at the venue 30 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Edit Tips Shake hands and also exchange pleasantries with the interviewer once you through with the process, thank the interviewers and that’s you are honored to be considered by the company.


  • Edit Warning Don’t arrive at the venue late, dress properly and look good for the interview. Women should look decent and do not try sexy clothes as this might send a different message about your personality.

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