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Prepare Nigerian Spaghetti

    Below are the required ingredients which would be needed in the preparation of very sumptuous Nigerian spaghetti for 4-6 servings.

    ·         Spaghetti (1 sachet)

    ·         1 small tin tomatoes

    ·         Grinded crayfish

    ·         2 bulbs of onions (sliced)

    ·         Fresh tomatoes

    ·         Fresh pepper

    ·         1 cup of sliced carrot

    ·         Green beans

    ·         3 cubes of Knorr Maggi

    ·         Meat (beef, chicken, turkey, assorted meats)

    ·         Vegetable oil or groundnut oil (10-15cl)

    ·         Corned beef (optional)

    ·         Green pepper (optional)


    Below are the steps involved in the actual preparation of the famous Nigerian spaghetti. Each of these steps should be followed accordingly in other to derive the nice aroma and nutrients needed in the spaghetti at the right proportion.

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    The carrot, green beans, onions, pepper and green pepper should be cut/ chopped to desirable sizes and placed in a clean plate.

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    Then parboil the fish and meat with 2 cups of water and all the necessary ingredients (2 seasoning cubes, salt, half teaspoon of curry and thyme, sliced onions and maybe a little grinded nutmeg).

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    Blend your crayfish and slice the tomatoes and pepper together, then place in a clean plate. Afterwards, break the spaghetti into smaller lengths and parboil for about 5-9 minutes, wash and then set aside.  When your meat/fish is soft enough for consumption, pick them out and slice into tiny bits.

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    Pour about 10-15cl of your groundnut oil into a pot and heat for about 3 minutes before adding your dissolved tin tomatoes, stir for few minutes till it’s turning dark then add the already sliced tomatoes/pepper, fry and continuously stir till the water is dried.

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    You can now add the meat water alongside the meat and another cup of water also with your seasoning, crayfish, pepper and salt to taste and then allow to boil for 5 minutes.

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    Then add the parboiled spaghetti and then cook for about 20 minutes until its almost soft, you can then add the sliced onions, sliced tomatoes, carrot, green beans, sliced meat/fish, stir, cover and allow to cook for another 5 minutes till it is done.

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    Finally, your delicious spaghetti meal is ready to be eaten with any chilled drink of your choice. Bon Appetite!

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  • Edit Tips WARNINGS It should be noted that some of the tomatoes should be removed for later use after frying and the food should not be stirred continuously as this would prevent the food from burning while cooking.


  • Edit Warning No single method really prevents the food from burning completely, but they can only help to minimize it.

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