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Prepare Nigerian Vegetable Salad

    Below are the ingredients used in making Nigerian Vegetable salads, which can be doubled or reduced, depending on the total number of people you wish to serve.

    • Medium size cabbage
    • 4 medium size carrot
    • 2 cups of chopped green beans
    • Half cup of peas
    • Lettuce leaves
    • 3 cooked eggs
    • One can of baked beans
    • 2 big size of cucumber
    • Salad cream (BAMA mayonnaise, Heinz)


    Having listed the ingredients to be used above, let’s proceed to the step by step approach involved in preparation of Nigerian vegetable salad

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    Preparation: Chop the carrot /green beans/cucumber and set aside in different clean bowls, peel off the green back of cucumbers and also remove the centre seeds. Then, slice the cabbage too in a different tray and slice the lettuce leaves also. You can then boil the eggs and remove the shell (2-3 eggs). Afterwards, you need to soften the cabbage, green beans, carrot and peas; most of the times you have to boil the carrot, green beans and peas together and soak the cabbage in hot water for a minute.

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    Softening Of The Ingredients: It should be done by adding the carrot, green beans and peas to a small amount of boiling water, and allow to simmer on low heat for some minutes (the reason for this is to soften them a little). Then heat water to 100 degree Celsius (boiling point) and pour it over the sliced cabbage and then allow it to drain for a minute. Also drain the carrot, green beans and peas and set them aside in a clean bowl, now you are ready for the mixing part.

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    The Mixing: Most people prefer to mix their salad in a large plate, bowl or a tray. The mixing part is the simplest and involves sprinkling a handful of cabbage on the tray, and then sprinkling the carrot, green beans and peas, and also the lettuce leaves then keep repeating the process until they are all in one place. Afterwards, slice the egg and drop them on the top of the salad (The egg is mostly meant for decoration). The final mixing is done while you dish out the salad, you add the salad cream and baked beans. However, ensure that these two are separated in other avoid it getting soured over a long period of time.

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    Finally, your Nigerian vegetable salad is ready to be served with either jollof rice or fried rice and can also be served alone. 

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  • Edit Tips All you need to know is that most vegetable salads are usually 50% cabbage, 30% carrot and green beans, 5-10% cucumber while the lettuce leaves, peas, eggs and cream make up the other 10%.


  • Edit Warning It should be noted that if you add the salad cream and baked beans together, the salad would get soured easily. It is therefore good for these two to be separate in other to avoid getting soured over a long period of time.

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