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Prevent Headache Naturally Without Using Drugs

    Lack of Rest: Our life is generally stressful, from getting up early in the morning, rushing to work, dodging traffic and trying to perform efficiently at work. A headache tends to kick in. It is how our body tells us that we need to rest. With this, we should know that headaches can be prevented by taking a lot of rest. Having a good rest is the best antidote for a headache, it works perfectly than drugs. 

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    Unnecessary Worry: People tend to put pressure on themselves with a lot of worries. This contributes to the half percentage of the causes of a headache because you are not only putting pressure on your mind but majorly on your brains.  Worrying does not solve the problem but increases it so avoid it.

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    Stay Hydrated:  Our bodies are made up of more than half water and we use it for pretty much every bodily function — from regulating body temperature to removing waste to lubricating joints to carrying oxygen to the cells.” says Rachel Berman. This simply means that you need to drink enough water so that there would be sufficient fluid in the body system. You can always reduce or cure a headache by drinking enough water and have a good rest.  Don't wait until you are thirsty before you drink water, thirst means you need water in your body but a headache means that you lack water. Taking watermelon can be ideal for rehydration. It is apparent that watermelon is made up of 92 percent of water, but it also contains salt, calcium and magnesium which with water help to rehydrate the body.

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    Bright Light Should Be Avoided: When our eyes are exposed to sharp and bright light it can trigger a headache because our eyes can be extra sensitive. Avoid staying too close to your phones, personal systems and televisions at night because the bright light emanating from it can give a serious headache the following morning.



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    Avoid Bottled Up Anger: Don't stay angry for too long. When we get too angry you will find that your head will become too heavy and this might result turn to a headache if you don't release the bottle up anger. When you find yourself in that state of extreme anger, you can try to calm yourself by taking a deep breath and releasing it slowing.  Also, take your mind off and move away from whatever that is annoying you.

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    Changing of Postures: Your postures during sleep sometimes can also trigger a painful headache. Therefore, you might need to take caution on your postures.  The way you sleep can really give you the worst headache by the morning. Sometimes when you sleep with your head placed on a hard pillow or on the arm of a chair, your neck might be a bit twisted and result to a headache. Thus, it is advisable to be conscious of your postures when you want to sleep or relax.

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  • Edit Tips Plan well ahead of the bad weathers that can cause a headache, such as sunny season.
  • Edit Tips Drink a lot of water to help your body system.
  • Edit Tips Avoid taking too much of caffeine, pain relief drugs and alcohol.
  • Edit Tips Learn how to manage your stress and try as much as possible to avoid being stressed.


  • Edit Warning If a headache persists, please visit a doctor because it might be the onset of an illness.
  • Edit Warning Listening to loud music with an earphone can cause a severe headache
  • Edit Warning Don’t take drugs without doctor’s description.

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