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Prevent Typhoid Fever Medically In Nigeria

    Symptoms Of Typhoid Fever: It takes a week to 3 weeks for typhoid fever symptoms to develop. Also, the early indication of typhoid infection is frequent. General high fevers are mostly within the range of 103 to 104 F (39 TO 40 C) once the symptoms begin to increase. That’s an indication of secondary symptoms, a serious fever such as stomach ache, constipation, getting tired frequently, headache, vomiting and loss of appetite.

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    Consult A Physician: After noticing all the symptoms of typhoid fever discussed above, kindly consult a doctor for immediate treatment. Treating this deadly infection reduces the spreading of the disease.

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    Preventing Typhoid Fever: The best method of preventing yourself from typhoid fever is to be cautious of the foods you eat and drink. It is very important to avoid some fruits and vegetables that have no peel, fruit without peel are very risky due to its surface exposure to bacteria. Always wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly with clean water before eating.  Food preparation is also important; make sure you cook your foods very well. Wash all kitchen utensils before and after using them, make sure your meal is served steaming hot. If you must eat raw vegetables and fresh fruits make sure you wash your hands with some slightly warm water before peeling the fruits.

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    Be Careful Of What You Drink: The liquids you consume is very essential, always drink clean water at all time. Bottled water is the safest to drink, you can also boil your water before drinking too. Carbonated water is also good to drink. 

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    Avoid Eating Foods And Beverages From Street Vendors: Most of the foods and beverages on the street are always open to disease due to their unclean environment and product process. Street vendors mostly do not practice good hygiene, purchasing and eating their produce is might be harmful to one’s health. 

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    Hygiene And Cleanliness: Practicing good hygiene and keeping your environments clean at all time prevents and protects you from infections. Make sure you wash your hands frequently with soap and water, hand sanitizer is also a good alternative. Avoid close contact like kissing or sharing personal items with sick people.

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    Use Vaccines: Vaccines are one of the best preventive methods, it is very important to get vaccinated whenever you traveling to a new area. Visit your doctor and get a typhoid vaccination, you can use the capsule form of a vaccine or preferably the one time injection depending on your choice. The capsule form of vaccination can protect an individual for five years and the injection for two years, both forms of vaccinations work effectively for preventing typhoid fever.

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    Finally, Please note that not every individual can get vaccinated. Therefore, consult your doctor for assessment before taking the vaccination. Children below 2 years, HIV/AIDS patients, and children with weak immune system and cancer patients should consult their doctor to certify them for the usage of vaccines.

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  • Edit Tips Make sure you keep your environment sanitized and maintain a high level of hygiene regularly.
  • Edit Tips Wash your hands thoroughly with clean water before eating
  • Edit Tips Always wash your fruits and vegetables with clean water before eating.
  • Edit Tips Drink clean treated water and cook your food properly with clean water. Serve and eat your foods when they are steaming hot, heat kills germs.


  • Edit Warning Avoid eating leftover foods, uncovered foods, water, fruits and vegetables.
  • Edit Warning Avoid having contact with sick people and do not share foods with them. Once, you are feeling ill and start to observe the symptoms of typhoid, it’s advisable to consult your doctor for proper care.

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