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Prevent and Stop Snoring.

    Ensure to Maintain a Healthy Weight: The snoring habit is mostly common with fat and huge people and it would be of great help if you could lose some weight as this would reduce the rate at which you snore. Excessive fat in the body especially around the neck region can put some undue pressure on the airways and might eventually lead to their partial collapse. It is the restriction of the partial airway that leads to snoring. Though, some slim people also snore but losing some considerable amount of weight would go a long way in assisting fat people to curb their snoring habit.

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    Sleeping On Your Side Rather Than Your Back: Do you know that when your head and neck are tensed up, you are likely to snore? It is therefore necessary for you to always sleep on your side as this prevents the tongue from relaxing onto the back wall of the throat which is a snore starter.



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    Keep Your Airways Free: Breathing is improved when your nose is free while sleeping. People result to breathing through their mouth (snore) when they can’t breathe through their nose as a result of closed airways. Nasal passages can be cleared with the use of a saline spray, humidifier, or a neti pot.



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    Quit Smoking: It has been proved by research overtime that smoking is a major contributor to snoring. As a result of smoking, snoring occurs by upper airway irritation and inflammation. Prolonged smoking would eventually lead to the damage of your respiratory system, so be wise and ensure to quit smoking as soon as possible.

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    Sleep At A Scheduled Time: Make it a habit to consistently go to bed and get up at the same time each day as this creates a biological sleep-wake cycle. This helps your body to get plenty of rest. When you are overtired, you tend to experience a deeper sleep which can affect your throat and airways in ways similar to taking sedatives or drinking alcohol.



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    Use A Jaw Supporter: This is a very helpful way of preventing snoring. A jaw supporter helps to curtail the complications of snoring as it has been proved that its use by patients with obstructive sleep apnea and snoring has marked improvements in their rest rates. A jaw supporter helps to firmly hold the lower jaw in place by restraining the oral tissues to stay put. When you wear a jaw supporter, the muscles and tissues of the tongue, inner mouth, and throat are all kept in place, which in turn makes sure that the airway is open at all times during sleep and thereby prevents snoring.



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  • Edit Tips The benefits of reduced snoring habits are the following; increased oxygen levels, diminished daytime fatigue, improved rem levels, lower blood pressure, healthy lifestyle and general well-being of the whole body.
  • Edit Tips Reduce your alcohol intake and also take enough water after every dinner.


  • Edit Warning The body part that interacts to create snoring is a disaster and this is a fact not known to everyone that snores as it affects the quality of their sleep.
  • Edit Warning Age worsens this condition in the sense that someone who does not snore today might start snoring in years to come.
  • Edit Warning While someone who is an existing snorer, if not checked and curbed might get worse with time. The blockage of air caused by snoring keeps air out of the lungs and causes suffocation.

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