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Properly File Divorce In Nigeria

    Determine Your Type of Marriage: In getting divorce papers in Nigeria, the first process is determining your type of marriage. The two major types of marriage in Nigeria are statutory marriage and customary marriage. You first have to determine the type of marriage yours fall under. A statutory marriage is one which is contracted in a customary court. There are some church marriages which are sometimes deemed to be a statutory e.g. catholic church, Anglican Church. While a customary marriage is the one done under traditional laws, customs of the bride’s family. It should be noted that it is your type of marriage that would determine the appropriate court in which to file your divorce petition and the exact type of lawyer to hire.

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    Prepare And File A Divorce Petition: You should bear in mind that the divorce petition will be filed by the party in the marriage who is seeking for the dissolution of such marriage. You must state reasons for divorce in your petition and you must ensure they are solid enough and also meet the requirement stipulated by law in Nigeria. 

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    Petition Evaluation: Upon the receipt of the petition by the court of law, it would then be determined if the petition meets the necessary requirements which have been stipulated by the law for divorce by using the previously mentioned grounds for divorce as a yardstick in determining the situation and if the party petitioning can no longer tolerate the behaviour of the other party (the spouse).

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    The grant: After the careful consideration by the court of law and ascertainment of the need for divorce, it would then grant the right to divorce the respondent (i.e. the other party) after the grant; the court would then sort and settle other issues such as the child custody and settlements. You should note that the presiding judge in charge of the divorce case will ensure that the parties have exhausted all forms of dialogue to save the marriage before resorting to grant a divorce.

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  • Edit Tips Divorces cases can be avoided if you choose your life partner carefully and be certain and very convinced you are marrying for the right reasons and conditions.
  • Edit Tips You should sit down and think very well before deciding to get marry as marriage is a lifelong commitment because it is meant to foster love and togetherness rather than lead to hatred and torture


  • Edit Warning You should have it in mind that divorces are ugly and could drag and go on for a long period of time which would in turn drain your energy and valuable time which can never be regained back.
  • Edit Warning It exposes your children to all the ugliness you can ever think of and emotional trauma.

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