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Resist Smoking

    Set Up A Smoking Schedule: Make a count of the number of cigarettes, weed and tobacco you smoke daily, making this schedule will help manage your daily activities and ensure you reduce the number of times you smoke.

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    Distract Yourself: Always engage yourself in something that will keep you away from smoking, spend more time with your family and your friends who don’t smoke. Stop visiting a location where you know they smoke frequently there. Find something new to do, restrain yourself from attending parties that involve smoking.

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    Work Out, Reminisce and Meditate: Research has shown over the years that smoking is caused by depression, low self-esteem, bad influence and stress. Exercising will reduce your urge for smoking, get you engage and help build your body system. Remember all the hard work you have been doing to stop smoking, reminisce on your progress and quest for quitting smoking. Meditate on how smoking could stop you having a healthy life considering how better you will be when you stop smoking.



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    Listen To Music: Listening to your favorite song will serve as an alternative whenever you feel the urge to smoke. Listen to as many of those songs as you can, the songs will surely be a better alternative.



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    Eat Healthy Snacks: Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, take the same walk you engage yourself in when searching for a cigarette, weed and tobacco. Get healthy snacks like fruit salad and sandwiches, it will regulate and replace the urge for nicotine in your mouth.



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    Consider The Benefits of Quitting: Remind yourself the benefits of quitting smoking.  List out all the disadvantages of smoking and the negative factors you know and give yourself reasons to stop. Also, make a list of the advantages of quitting smoking and how much better you will be without taking a cigarette, weed or tobacco.



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    Seek For Support Online: The internet can also help when you working towards quitting smoking. There are so many websites online that provide solution and constantly discuss the ways of resisting smoking. Join these platforms and read their articles. Meanwhile, you can also share your own method of quitting the act.



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    Consult A Therapist: It is difficult to fight addiction alone. A therapist can be a good friend to help you walk through your process of resisting smoking. The therapist will give listening ears to all you going through and support you to overcome all the factors that have been distracting you from the act of quitting smoking.



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  • Edit Tips Always consider your health and remember how important it is to you.
  • Edit Tips Quitting the act of smoking takes time and it also varies for individuals.
  • Edit Tips Find a new hobby during the process of quitting the act of smoking.
  • Edit Tips Declare your smoking habits and seek support from friends, family and colleagues at work
  • Edit Tips Trash out all items that have to do with smoking in your house.


  • Edit Warning As we all know that smoking poses a huge threat on human’s life and also reduces life span, specifically the heart which is a sensitive and important organ in the body system. Please avoid going back to the act of smoking, Remember setbacks makes a process difficult considering the immense hard work that has been involved.
  • Edit Warning Stay away from gathering that smoking is involved.

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