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Retain Your Customers in Nigeria

    Build A Good Customer Relationship: Communication is the key to every business, always have a good communication structure with both new and existing customers patronizing your establishment. Relate and build an effective relationship with them, requesting for their contacts such as phone numbers and mail addresses will help to keep update with them. Always keep in touch with your customers through calls, text messages or emails to know how they are doing, feedback on the products they bought, notify them about new product or services and their observation and recommendation on your product and services or on your organizational activities. 

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    Adapt To Your Customers: Knowing what your customers want helps a lot. They come to your store with a feeling of getting whatever they want with ease. They believe your business provides the product or service they can’t get elsewhere. Customers come with the belief that only your business can offer them good deals. All these factors make them come around often. Thus, you must the take time to understand what they want and ensure that you provide it without jeopardizing the aims and objectives of your establishment.  

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    Be Consistent With The Quality Of Products Or Services You Render:  Customers will keep patronizing your business if the service and products remain at a top level. The quality of products and value offered is very important in retaining your customers. Customers like to be ascertained and be satisfied with the products they are purchasing. If the product is not at top level, I am afraid to say customers might feel reluctant to patronize you next time. Setting a good quality standard for your business will go a long way in sustaining and promoting your business. Always give the best!

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    Employees: They are also important factor that can help in growing your business or destroy it. Therefore, train your staffs to be respectful and professional to customers. Appoint a general supervisor to monitor, correct and properly mentor your staffs. Create an appraisal award such as “best staff of the month”   this will increase their interest in attending to customers in a good manner and treating them well.

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    Online Presence: The internet is the fastest avenue to generate huge revenue for business nowadays. The internet has a great role to play, people discussion online goes a long way. It would be a good added advantage if you can make your business a trending topic online by registering your business on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked and Instagram. A business that wants to be successful must have social media platform accounts to update your existing customers and potential customers. Your website must be accessible and should also provide useful information about your products at every given hour.

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    Opening And Closing Hours: Make sure you have regular accessible hours that your customers can come around.  Customers don’t like coming around and your shop isn’t open at opening hours, they begin to change their mind. Try and stay back at least for an hour during working week considering your customers that work late. Opening on weekends should also be considered if your products or service is essential.

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    Settle Disputes Amicably: Customers always want to get the best available and possible product at all time. An argument might surface during the process, customers always come with the idea of been right. Try to listen to their complains and also ensure you appeal to the customer in other to have them back in your store, finally, resolve the disputes amicably and be fair to the customer. This will make them happy, satisfied and also willing to patronize you again.

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    Treat Your Customers Like Kings And Queen: Ensure that your customers are comfortable when they come to you. Treat every customer like he or she is the only customer you have and appreciate every feedback and observation they provide you. Ensure that you provide them your recommendation when they need one. 

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    Keep Your Business Clean: The best way to make your store attractive and conducive depends on how clean it is, an enabling environment is good for both the seller and the buyer. Tidy up your store and its environment often that’s the best form to design, organize and manage your business.

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  • Edit Tips Reward your customers with gifts during festive seasons.
  • Edit Tips Provide free WI-FI for customers to use whenever they come around.
  • Edit Tips Build a healthy relationship between you and your customers, be involved in their business and appreciate their generosity towards you.
  • Edit Tips Get feedbacks from customers, rectify your mistakes and improve on your standards.


  • Edit Warning Be punctual with your business (i.e. opening and closing time, opening time to be precise).
  • Edit Warning Under no circumstance must you insult your customers.
  • Edit Warning Keep your environment clean at all time.

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