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Save Your Money

    Pay Yourself: Always make sure that once your salary, pension or earning is received, the best thing to do is to credit your savings account first before anything, because any further delay may lead into procrastination or total spending of money which is made for subsequent saving. You can make your salary account your saving account. Make a personal budget and the money should be distributed in an ideal way. For instance is you earn N100,000 in a month, this is how to split it N40,000 for savings, N40, 000 for expenses and N20,000 for investment.

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    Quit Eating Out: Going always to restaurant to eat is not a good route to ply when trying to save up because it is more expensive eating out. Once a while, there will always be an urge to take few snacks like hamburger but it should not be regular. Cultivate the habit of always cooking at home, food stuff is not that expensive here in Nigeria. Preparing your own food yourself will improve your health as well as your bank account balance.

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    Have Free Fun: Because you want to have fun does not mean you have to spend all your money clubbing or going to the cinema to see movies. You can download movies on your PC instead of wasting money going to the cinema, and you can as well buy few drinks at home instead of popping bottles in clubs. All these money can be added into your savings.

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    Avoid The Impulse: When it come to purchasing stuff like clothes, shoes, and other fashion accessories, always evaluate your needs and wants to avoid a surplus of unwanted items. Scale Of Preference is very important in saving money.

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    Exercise Or Workout For Free: An average membership cost for joining a gym in Nigeria ranges between N10,000 to N25,000 monthly and about N120,000 annually. Instead of paying such amount for working out, it can be added up to your savings. Juggling, push-up, and other exercise can be done in the comfort of your home, you can invite few friends to join you. You will stay healthy without paying a dime. 

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    Save Up Refunds And Bonuses: You can save up your bonuses or refund, instead of using it to buy things that are not really your needs. Save it up immediately like you never received the money. You won't die if you don't spend it because you have being surviving with little or no cash before getting that.

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    Use A Piggy Bank: Though, a piggy bank is meant for kids but you can also adopt it too. This method might not help that much but will still help you develop the habit of putting money away. You can decide to always save a certain denomination every day and take it to your account at the end of every month. The money might come to your rescue in a critical time when you are low on cash.

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    Keep Your ATM At Home: Your ATM card should always be kept at home, expect you to have an important transaction to make. Impulsive buying will regularly occur when you always have your ATM card with you, this can always make you spend more than you planned for. You can also open another account which you will decide not to have the ATM card and use it for your savings account to help curb your withdrawals. 

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  • Edit Tips Saving money is one of the most difficult things a man can achieve. But when determined, it's not impossible.
  • Edit Tips You must have a laid down budget to determine your savings and expenditure.
  • Edit Tips You should set for yourself a target to be met, maybe on a monthly or yearly basis.


  • Edit Warning You must know the difference between your needs and your want, to avoid impulsive or wasteful spending.
  • Edit Warning Buy from quality and cheap shops.
  • Edit Warning Only spend on what you need.

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