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Start A Block Industry In Nigeria

    Have A Target:  It’s very important to know the demand of blocks in your locality or where you intend to set up your block molding industry so as to have the idea of demand and how you can supply them to the buyers at a good price. Locating a newly developing community or area and situate your business there, would be a great advantage for your business growth. 

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    Startup Capital:   Block molding business is a business that is regarded as a capital intensive one. You will have to secure a nice place to setup which also has to do with block molding materials and equipment e.g. block molding machine, palette, concrete mixer, truck, storage shed etc. To purchase this equipment and tools for your industrial establishment, you will need to have a good budget. It’s not advisable to secure a loan in other to start a business as this will mount a lot of unnecessary pressure on you and your business and it may jeopardize the potential success of the business. Evaluate your financial stability and start as little as you can.

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    Get A Suitable Location:  It is required to locate a nice place to setup your block molding industry. Your location will have a huge impact on your sales. Your chosen location must have a good road for vehicles to ply.  It’s needed to acquire at least a plot of land with a good adequate water supply for production. You can construct a borehole or dig up a well, as water supply is a necessity in this business. 

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    Register Your Block Molding Industry: It’s very needed to register your industry with the government or any authority so as to be known and recognized as a legal entity. If you are going to be dealing with companies or construction companies, there’s huge need for CAC registration as most company or construction companies will always want to know if transacting business with you is safe. Meanwhile, to open a bank account for your business, you would be required by the bank t o provide CAC CERTIFICATE

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    Employ Staff: In case where you are running a small scale block molding factory you will need at least six staffs you may need to hire more staffs as soon as the business grows. You will have to acquire an experienced workers and staffs so as to produce a well good block and also to be able to manage it very well.

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    Maintain A High Standard Product: You can retain your customers and the new ones by maintaining a very good product. It’s very important to embark on training so as to know the ratio of cement, water, and sand that is needed to be mixed together and to know the quality of the product and the output.

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    Market Your Business: You really need to market your business and don’t hesitate to tell people about your business. Write proposals and submit them with building contractors, this will help you spread and sell your brand faster.

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    Seek Information: Interact with people that have a vast knowledge about the business and also try to share ideas with them, you always have a broad knowledge about the business by doing that.

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    Identify Good Source Of Materials: Identity good source of materials which are majorly cement and sand water. Make sure you have  good suppliers of these materials  note all cement are suitable for block production Portland  cement is the best for block making.

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  • Edit Tips Always ensure you wet your blocks every morning to make them stronger
  • Edit Tips Give discount to your frequent customers


  • Edit Warning 1. Do not locate your block molding site in a place that is prone to flood or swamp and make sure it doesn’t situate in a residential environment.
  • Edit Warning 2. Always produce a good product and make sure you didn’t compromise your work so as to attract more customers.
  • Edit Warning 3. Do not hire an inexperienced worker in other to keep the goals and vision of your business alive.

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