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Start A Cinema In Nigeria

    Starting Your Cinema Business Under An Already Existing Business/ Franchise: Here, in starting your cinema business, this can be done by approaching one of the major existing cinemas in Nigeria by proposing to go into a partnership with them. Such partnership would equip you to start your own cinema while using the name of the existing company which is widely known to your advantage. This is borne out of the fact that you get to enjoy the privilege of the popularity embedded in the existing brand and the relationship they already have with movie distributors, producers and marketers. This will in time go a long way in attracting customers to you and you would also benefit from their bank of experience.

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    Starting A Cinema Business Independently: Here, you would have to start the entire business from the scratch. This method is recommended only if you have been involved in the running of a cinema previously and you really know what it entails. This would require you to market your own brand name and establish your contacts within the industry. This method allows and gives you the freedom to do what you like at your own pace but also carries with it a very great amount of risk as there is no ‘’big name’’ for you to start under and learn directly from.

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    Select A Good Location: This is the most important factor that would determine the success or failure of your business. In selecting your location, research must be carried out about the type of people living in such locality i.e market survey should be done on if the residents in such environment have the need for a cinema house and also to guarantee profitability. A cinema house must be reasonably large enough to accommodate at least a hundred people at any given time. Also, the location must be visible and accessible with ample parking space.

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    Embark On Training: If you do not previously have the knowledge of how to run a cinema business before, then it is advisable you embark on training which will help you to know how to run a cinema business.

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    Register Your Business: your business have to be registered with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria as this is relevant and useful in sourcing for funds from any financial institution.

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    Engage With Producers And Distributor: The producers and distributors are in some way the lifeblood of your business due to the fact that they supply you with the main commodity; the movie. It is an offense to show a movie in the cinema without the permission of the owner of the movie. Therefore, you have to establish a good business relationship with the producers and distributors.

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    Purchase Your Cinema Equipment And Fittings: in doing this, you have to focus on the basic equipment such as projectors, screens, lighting and sound systems. Also, your cinema should be fitted with the right furniture to maximize comfort and air conditioners to keep the place cool.

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    Create A Snack Stand: engaging in the sale of snacks and drinks is another major source of income for a cinema. Always ensure that your snacks are fresh and your drinks are always cold.

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    Employ Staff: Staff should be employed to carry out the sale of tickets, operate the projectors, light and sound, sell snacks and man the entrances.

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    Advertise Your Cinema Business: this is the time to blow the trumpet of your business by exploring all possible means to let people know about your business.

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  • Edit Tips Bearing in mind the fact that Nigerians have a very healthy appetite for movies, this is a very cool and legal way of taking advantage and tapping into the large and still expanding movie industry by indulging in the cinema business.
  • Edit Tips A movie theatre or cinema is an enclosed place where movies or films are shown or displayed on large screens for the view and satisfaction of paying audience. The major attributes of cinemas or movie theatres are superior sound effects, high picture quality, comfortable furniture and a relaxed and peaceful environment; as all these combine together to give cinema goers an amazing and awesome movie viewing experience.
  • Edit Tips The cinema business has grown to be a very lucrative and profitable venture in Nigeria of today, pulling large crowds to movies viewings and yielding massive profits for their owners.
  • Edit Tips Just as any other business venture, it is reasonable to take some important points into consideration before starting as this would ensure the risk of failure is minimized to a reasonable extent.


  • Edit Warning The disadvantage of starting your business from an already existing franchise is that it might hinder your own creativity as you being a franchise will compel you to do things according to the rules and regulations of the parent company and also will require you parting with a portion of your income.
  • Edit Warning Therefore, you would have to carefully and properly consider the two options, research on them and decide on the one which is tailored for your use.

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