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Start A Clothing Line

    Seed money: Starting up any business surely requires funds to set up. Clothing line do not necessarily require a huge sum of money. Actually, six hundred thousand naira can start a clothing brand in Nigeria. That is a fairly reasonable budget for such a lucrative business.

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    Location: When it comes to fashion homes, the location has to be centered around urban areas. It will be a disservice to open a fashion store at the rural areas. The eyebrows areas might be ridiculously expensive, however, with three hundred thousand you can get a decent shop not too far from the city.

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    Research and Study the market: Before putting out your own cloth, it’s advisable to study the trends at that specific moment, you can now infuse your own creativity to upgrade the current trend. In Nigeria Ankara material has being around for while, it’s a vintage fabric, that is widely accepted by all, very affordable which happens to be its major appealing factor. Causal wears, simple but unique dinner gowns. This should be the market you start your business with, the population is huge and that is a great plus for your clothing line if you can network and market your product very well.

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    Setting up a team: This is one of the most important sector of the business, the growth of the clothing line depends on the team you working with. Setting up a team must not be based on emotion attachment. A good team requires competent and disciplined individuals who are ready to put in work day in day out for the growth of the business. Work ethics must be crystal clear to everyone, if finding a team is difficult for you, it is advisable to consult hiring firms for staffs.

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    Manufacturer: This is the moment you have to relinquish the idea and model what you want for your clothing line. You will have to visit and consult as many textile production factories to get a suitable material for your brand. However, this is a challenging phase to make your dream a reality, very often the quality of the products might be substandard and some might be way above your budget. It is advisable that you work around your budget, it is also important to know that the manufacturer might not necessarily have the perfect fabric you envisaged, you have to be flexible and open to several quality products.

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    Marketing your products: There are lots of advertising platforms to put your products in people’s faces, let’s start with social media. Set up a business account on twitter, instagram, snapchat and faceebook and reach out to influencers to spread the word. Give Aways is also a good idea in increasing the number of your subscribers and followers. Remember you have a store, there is a reason for that, take sporting brands like Nike and others for example, they have a massive online presence but customers will still visit their outlet to purchase their gears. Customers always want to be in fashion homes to have a feel, look around your store. That’s an advantage for your business, the more they visit, the better for the growth of the business.

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    Watch the video to get more info...

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  • Edit Tips Attend fashion shows, submit your product and have model promote your brand on the run way. Explore the print media too, fashion magazines goes a long way too.
  • Edit Tips Always keep up with the trends.


  • Edit Warning Consistency is vital for the growth of your brand.
  • Edit Warning Learn the baby walk and grow with your own pace.
  • Edit Warning Do not lose your identity whilst you keeping up with the trends.

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