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Start A Driving School In Nigeria

    Decide On How To Run It: You need to make a decision on either to run it independently or secure a franchise. Though, franchise fee sometimes might force you to run it independently. But if you can afford the fee, most big driving school company will supply you 75 percent of things you will need to start your school.

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    Get Licensed As An Instructor:  you need to obtain a license for yourself or your potential instructor(s). Visit the Federal Road Safety Commission office with your potential instructors to obtain the license. They may request you or your potential instructor(s) to pay a small fee and take a simple exam in other to get the license.

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    Secure A Nice Location To Do Business: While some prefer to run it from their home, it is advisable to secure a good office for your business as people will take you more serious. You don’t really need a large space to set up your driving school but you will need a place that people can easily get in contact with you.

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    Work Your Papers:  if you want to run under a franchise, it’s necessary to contact the company to finalize agreements and present you some legal papers. Meanwhile, if you propose to manage it independently, you will have to register your business name, incorporate your business and secure license from authority in charge of driver's education training which is Federal Road Safety Commission. 

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    Purchase A Vehicle: It depends on how big you want your business. There’s need to have a vehicle or vehicles to teach your students how to drive. You can use vehicles that are designed for driving school; these kinds of vehicles allow the instructor to take charge at any time from the passenger seat.

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    Write A Lesson Plan: A lesson plan is a detailed description of what your students need to learn and how it will be done effectively. This scheme will make your training easier for both instructor and the student. It would stand as routine guidelines for training of your students.

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    Necessary Equipment: Purchase the important equipment that are useful for your business e.g. driving simulator, table and chair, a computer system, GPS and table phones or mobile phones and others.

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    Advertise Your Business: Every business needs a promotion and driving school is not exempted. Put your best in promoting your school through every medium you can afford. You don’t have to spend all you have in promotion but be creative in your promotion. Print handbills, stickers, complimentary cards banners, T-shirts for your instructors to wear while on duty and also make sure you brand your vehicle(s).

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  • Edit Tips 1. You have to dedicate much time with each student because your reputation will depend on how successful your student are.
  • Edit Tips Build a good relationship with your clients.
  • Edit Tips Help your client in obtaining of Learners Permit or Drivers license.
  • Edit Tips Give discounts (or commission) to client(s) that refer you another client
  • Edit Tips Be patient with your clients and be friendly to them while on training.


  • Edit Warning Secure a liability insurance to protect you, your clients and your vehicle in case of an accident.
  • Edit Warning Teach your client about every road signs and warnings.
  • Edit Warning While licensing your business don’t go through the back door as it can backfire later in the future.
  • Edit Warning Always check the status of your training vehicle before you embark on the road. Most especially the brake pad, radiator and the necessary things to check on.

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