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Start A Private School In Nigeria

    Decide the Grade Level: Many private schools start with kindergarten and nursery level and add primary and secondary level as the school grows over time. You should be sure on which grade to like to start with, and set the goal and vision of how much you will like to grow.

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    Write A Mission Statement: The statement must entail the philosophy, scheme, Aims and objective of your business. In writing this, you must ensure that you consider the rules and regulations that cover private schools in the state or in Nigeria at large.

    The mission statement should also include the curriculum focus and goals, your school values, a rationale for starting your school, the educational approach, and planned outcomes for students. 

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    Set Up A committee: The reason for this committee is to help you in the establishment of your private school. This committee member should be experts in different areas, including accounting, education, business, legal, and construction. It's this committee that will provide you the advice needed in setting up a problem free private school in Nigeria. The legal expert (i.e a lawyer or a law firm) should be able to provide the legal advice and backing needed to run a legitimate private school in Nigeria. 

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    Register With The Ministry Of Education: Setting up a private school comes with rules and regulations. Pay a visit to the Ministry of Education in the state you are willing to setup your school. Make enough enquiries on the requirement to secure a license for a private school in the state. After meeting up with the requirement, proceed to obtain your license. Securing a private school license might be a bit task, but it worth more than having your school closed by the government. 

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    WRITE A BUSINESS PLAN: You should come up with a 5-year business plan, including educational plans such as curriculum, assessment, educational focus, implementation and operational plans (financial and marketing) that will make your school a successful one. Profit should not be the main priority at the start as this will flow in as the number of your student increases.

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    Determine Your Budget And Source of Funding: A financial specialist or your committee should help with the budgeting, or you should seek an experts advice. You must have a good source to fund the project. You can secure a loan from cooperative society or bank. Most bank may not grant you access to loan because your school is not established yet, you must present them a good proposal that will convince them to give you the loan. Meanwhile, if you want to run a non-profit private school which is rare in Nigeria, you need to solicit for fund  by seeking for donations from foundations, establishing donations from private donors and applying for grants.

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    Find A Good Location: Before choosing a location, make a distinct research on the location, considering the number of potential students, people's standard of living, road network, structure, the environment and educational interest. 

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    Do The Structural Setup: You can get a current facility or develop plans to build a new one. Ensure that you acquire the necessary supplies such as School Buses, furniture, computers, books, fans, White Boards, and so on. Afterwards, ensure that your school classrooms, offices, library, laboratories and sick bay are well structured and arranged with the necessary equipment. However, in this technology era, it is advisable to have CCTV cameras installed at the strategic places in the school such as the main entrance, playing ground, back of the buildings and the corridors. 

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    Employ Effective and Efficient Staffs: Hire staffs that will help you achieve your vision. Effectiveness and efficiency are so paramount to the success of your school. Thus, there's huge necessity to hire staffs that will work towards the attainment of the organizational goal through efficient delivery of their services. The first set of staffs to hire is the headmaster and business manager. This should be done approximately 6 months prior to the start of the school, so as to have experienced professional helping toward implementation of the final step of starting the private school.

    The administrator or headmaster will be able to help with the staffing and educational aspect of the school plan while the business manager will help with duties such as purchasing and enrolment. Meanwhile, your teacher must be sound, ready and capable of delivering the aims and objective of the school in other to stand the competition in the private school industry. 

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    Promote Your School: Your private school should be advertised to parents and student through service groups, churches, mosques, and community at large. Your private school can also be advertised through magazines, social media, radio, television and local newspapers, and also ensure it is submitted to online private school directories. You should design a website for your private school containing  enrollment and admission information. 

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    Open Admission Office: An office should be opened so as to effectively begin the admission process for students, make an order for materials needed in the school, like furniture, curriculum material and educational supplies. 

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    Translation of Organisational Goal: In other to have a successful business, one needs to interpret the organisational goals, aims and objectives to the newly employed staffs. By doing this, they will understand the path to trend. 

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    Launch Session: Your private school should open when other schools around the area are resuming for a new session. This will help your school get into a good academic calendar with other schools around the state or nation.

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  • Edit Tips Carefully choose a very good curriculum for your school, with input from educational experts.
  • Edit Tips When planning for your school location, think about your school expanding in the nearest year to come.


  • Edit Warning Private schools are something negatively being looked at because some people feel you can get the same level of education in a public school free of charge.

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