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Start A Restaurant Business In Nigeria

    Capital: The strength of a business which is set up to thrive, expand and make profitable profits is determined by its capital. A sustainable capital must be put in place to enhance the spending power of the budget meant for the business. 

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    Location: The location of a business determines the income, turnover and revenue every business is established to attain. A restaurant business is not an exempt, it is very important to sight an environment that has establishments that operate on working days. Make sure your restaurant is not far from where people can place and get their order without stress.

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    Clean Environment/Hygiene: Keep your environment cleans at all times, customers hate dirty environments. Make sure customers don’t get to see irritating content in their food that can make them feel disgusted before, during and after having their meals. Most people mix hygiene up with the environment forgetting its real cause, hygiene has to do with an individual. In this case, your staffs need a high level of hygiene and sanity, you and your staffs must be acceptable and presentable with the kinds of food you dish out to your frequent customers and visiting patronages.

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    Food Presentation: At this stage, the cooking of the food might have to do with an industrialized kitchen which will make the food faster and requires lesser human presence and power. Make sure you use the right kitchen equipment and utensils such as clean plates to serve food and cutlery to eat. Your food must have a distinct recipe that makes it stand out amongst your competitors, this will reduce any form of competition that might threaten your business customer wise.

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    Make Your Restaurant A Brand: Visit cooperate bodies, firms and governments offices to inform them about your business, have an extensive conversation with them. Take your food there and let your food give them enough reason to associates themselves with your restaurant. Cooperates bodies and governments establishments can make your restaurants a franchise.

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    Use Point of Sale Machine (PoS): In this era of cashless policy, if you like your customers to patronize and buy more from you, start accepting Credit Cards. You can obtain PoS machine by approaching the bank of your choice. Virtually, all banks in Nigeria now give PoS machine to business owners on request. 

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  • Edit Tips Food has always been a part of human life and will forever be. It must be stated that every individual like to get value for their money, make sure your customers gets the best service every time they come around.
  • Edit Tips Maintain a high level of sanity and hygiene and improve the standard of food recipe.
  • Edit Tips Make your restaurants a relaxation venue for customers after having their meals with cable television, musics that cut across all ages while aiding digestion.
  • Edit Tips Good customer service plays a great role, it’s a channel for you and your customers to interacts and their feedback is the templates you use to improve the service you rendering to the public.


  • Edit Warning Restaurants business can be stressful however always approach and communicate with your customers with a friendly tone, provide an enabling environment for them to patronize. Been harsh, abusive, nagging amongst other annoying behaviours pose a big threat on the business growth. Source

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