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Start A Security Company In Nigeria.

    Undergo Proper Training: Before anyone ventures into starting a security company, the first step is to undergo the proper training. It is of utmost important for ex-service men and women and non-security service people to take part in these training in other to be recognized and licensed as security personnel. You would also need such expertise in running your company. Such training is done by the Nigerian police force or NSCDC. You would be trained in a various aspect of security such as; interacting with the public and using various equipments.

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    Choose Your Security Service Specialization: The next step to take when trying to start a security company is to choose the type of service you wants to render, this means that you have to specialize in a particular service. Choosing the security service you decide to render will make your job easier. There are many service you can render one of it is Corporate Service Outfit, the security service is to with provide officers to man doors in corporate organizations, they are the type of security found in banks, restaurants, hotels and other companies and they are usually not armed.
    Another service is the Executive Bodyguard Service, this involves providing personal bodyguards to people that need bodyguard protection. Event security service is also another security service which involves providing security at major events.

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    Register Your Company: Registration of your company name is very important. You can visit CAC office to have your business name registered or if you don’t want to go through the stress yourself, you can consult a lawyer to help you out. You should have your Business name Certificate of Registration in 2-3weeks. You must have your company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) first and then proceed to NSCDC which is the body that is mainly concerned with regulating security companies in Nigeria. You can also register with the Nigeria Security Adviser (NSA) if you want your security outfit to bear arms.

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    Find A Location: Get a good location for your office space. Make sure the location is motorable and easily accessible to your officers and clients. Training space is also important; create a good space for light training and new recruits training ground or room.

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    Recruit and Train Personnel: This step is also very important, you will need to hire a number of people and then train them as security officers. They might be people who have no security service experience. Therefore, it will be up to you to give them the right training, by employing people from military service and NSCDC to train them.  You should also employ administrative staff to help with the running and branding of the company.

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    Source For Clients: As a new company that is just exploring the market, you will need to source for clients who are in need of security personnel. You will as well need to create awareness by doing the right marketing for your company, create a website, complimentary cards and you can also hire marketing staffs to get you clients. Starting a security company is a venture that requires the right connection to penetrate and staying in the industry. 

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  • Edit Tips Create a very good reputation for your brand name
  • Edit Tips Bid for contracts.
  • Edit Tips Continue training your employees.


  • Edit Warning Make sure your company is registered.
  • Edit Warning Never let your personnel carry arms until you are registered with NSA

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