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Start A Successful Daycare Center In Nigeria And Ghana

    Licensing: Starting a business like daycare, there is a great need for securing a government approval or license. Apart from the fact that it puts you in a good position before your clients, it also prevents unnecessary lockup of your day care centre by Government agencies in charge. It is advisable to get registered through the government agencies, failure to do so or cutting corners may put you in legal battle and will certainly jeopardize your business.

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    Location: This is paramount to the success of your business. A daycare center should be accessible to parents and conducive for kids. Operating a daycare centre in an area full of uneducated people that has no workplace to go won’t make a perfect sense. To be successful in this business, you have to set up your daycare centre in an elite environment.  You must ensure that necessary facilities are in place and the environment is in good conditions, the playground, kitchen and toilet must always be clean every time. No parent will want his/her ward in dirty environment.

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    Security: The safety of every child in your care center is important and you are solely responsible for their wellbeing right from opening hour to closing hour. Therefore, you have to keep monitoring them and paying full attention to them frequently. Home accident is most rampant amongst kids; make sure you partake with them during their extra curriculum to prevent any dangerous scene on the playground.  It is highly advisable to install security cameras around the environment.

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    Hiring staffs: Taking care of kids has to do with passion amongst other things, kids feel warmth around people who show them love and care. Your staffs have to be patient and sensitive whilst on the premises, the kids will replicate every single thing they do. It is important for anyone handling kids to try and be on their best behavior virtually all the time. Experienced nanny will be highly essential in taking care of the kids whenever they use the rest room amongst other things.

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    Records: Same way you got your business licensed, also applies for you to set up a daily attendance for the kids, the person that dropped them off and the staffs to have an accurate record. This saves you from the stress of any missing child and the attendant register will play a huge role in finding the kid. Parents and Guardians contact must be on the records, kids allergies should be noted too.

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    Educational Materials: A daycare center is different from a nanny babysitting, parents aren’t dropping their kids at your care center to eat and sleep. You should have a curriculum for the kids, teaching and reciting the alphabet and numbers together with them will steadily improve their language learning ability. Engage them in rhymes and songs, teaching them about colors, playing puzzles and games will brighten their minds. You must have adequate and quality educational playing resources for the kids.

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  • Edit Tips Make sure every kid is genuinely loved and cared for.
  • Edit Tips Make sure the kids are decently dressed whenever their parents picks them up.
  • Edit Tips Create an interesting learning environment for the kids.


  • Edit Warning Register your daycare center and make sure your license is issued by genuine government authority.

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