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Start A Supermarket In Nigeria

    Supermarket Location:  The key factor that should be considered in setting up a supermarket is the location, as this is very germane to the success of the business as a whole. In reality, apart from finance, it is the most important factor that would determine the success or failure of the business. A supermarket should be located in a place that is exposed and easily accessible to the reach of potential customers. The best place to locate your supermarket is a place that is along a busy road or junction, where it would be exposed to a high stream of customers.

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Start A Supermarket In Nigeria

    Goods To Concentrate On: It is very important for you to tailor your stock to the appeal of the people of the locality where your supermarket is located. Though most people do tend to stock a wide range and varieties of items but generally in all localities, the fast moving items are consumer goods because it is always quite affordable and a necessity for most household.Therefore, for everyone intending to invest in the business of a supermarket, it is advisable to carry out a study of the commodities that are mostly consumed in the area so the intended market can be accurately targeted.

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    Shop Layout And Size:  The layout of the supermarket is determined by the size of the shop. It would not make any sense to get a shop bigger than your need as this would cost you more and would make your shop look scanty which won’t be appealing to customers. Therefore, it is important to have a very clear picture of what you intend to display and the scale of the supermarket. In addition, all items that would be displayed should be done in such a way that would be easy for customers to locate their desired items.

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    Sourcing Of Stock: You should have a clear and stable plan of how you will always purchase your stock at affordable prices. It is advisable to always buy your stock in bulk in other to secure good profit margin.

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    Table Power Supply: Power is another important factor that needs to be considered in establishing a supermarket as most food items need to be refrigerated such as drinks, meats, and fruits. Moreover, a good atmospheric condition should be made available for customers.

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  • Edit Tips A supermarket can be owned by practically anybody; a working class person in need of an extra source of income, an unemployed person, full-time and part-time students.


  • Edit Warning It would require the efforts of a business owner who is creative, purpose driven, committed and dedicated to thriving in this very profitable, lucrative but challenging business.
  • Edit Warning The major challenge to take note in a supermarket business is the issue of erratic power supply in addition to the lack of security because over the years a lot of supermarkets has folded up as a result of theft and robbery incidence. Lastly, this industry is a highly competitive one because it already has numerous people involved in it so you have to be very prepared in order to sustain in it and be profitable.

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