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Start Broiler Farming Business In Nigeria

    Market survey and good business plan: As often as we do say that any business without a good business plan is like a football match without a referee to oversee the match. Therefore for the start-up and successful operation of a broiler farming business, a detailed business plan is required which can only be achieved only after carrying out a rigorous market research. The essence of the market research is to enable you to know your potential customers and competitors in the industry. Also to know the location of getting the right feeds, vaccines and other relevant items needed to start up at an affordable price.


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    Registration of the business: It is advisable you endeavour to register your broiler farm with corporate affairs commission in order to enjoy the benefits attached to businesses that are legal entities.

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    Location of the farm: A large expanse of land is required for broiler farming which should be situated outside residential areas due to the offensive smell that emanates from most chicken farms. Even though your farm is required to be established in a place far from residential areas, it nevertheless should be set up in a place close to the target market as this would help in minimizing transportation cost to a large extent.

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    Cage/housing system: In poultry farming, there are majorly three housing system used which are; battery cage system, free range system and deep litter system. The free range system is one which encourages the birds to roam around freely and is mostly used by subsistence farmers in the rural areas.  The battery cage system is one in which metals are used to construct cages for the birds in which the cages are divided into a number of compartments whereby each compartment houses reasonable numbers of birds. This type is mostly recommended and ideal for layer breeding (egg production). The deep litter system is one in which the chickens are reared in a room with concrete floor while the floor of the room is spread with sawdust or wood carvings.

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    Feeding: This is a part that gulps down a reasonable large chunk of money as high quality feeds are required to be fed to the chicken in other for them to be healthy and for their optimal growth. You can either produce the feeds yourself in other to cut down cost or purchase them from the market.

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    Poultry equipment: Your poultry farm must be adequately equipped before introducing your chickens. The equipment needed are water troughs, feeding troughs, heat and lighting system, source of clean water and a waste disposal system. In conclusion, every business has its own magic tricks to success and farming generally is not in exemption. Thus, it is paramount to seek the advice of the professional before and during your investment

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  • Edit Tips The reason why a whole lot of people venture into broiler farming business is due to the fact that broilers mature fast unlike other poultry animals
  • Edit Tips There is higher demand of briolers than other poultry birds
  • Edit Tips Birds are not human so do not miss a day without feeding them,


  • Edit Warning It is very essential to have yourself attached to an existing broiler farm for at least 3 months before deciding to start yours as it is a very risky business with a high degree of failure. Moreover it involves huge capital and attention.

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