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Start Ice Block Making

    Feasibility Studies: Before going into ice block making business, you really need a feasibility study in other to get it right with your business. There is a need for you to know how to supply, where to supply when to supply and whom to supply. This is very important because your study will reveal so many things to you including how to have a better business plan for the business. 

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    Register Your Business: Although you might not need to register this kind of business. However, your intention should be to grow beyond your starting point. In the long run, if the business becomes so successful and there is a need for a company account, don’t hesitate to have it your business registered with Corporate Affair Commission.

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    Find A Market: Ice Block making business always thrive in a densely populated area and as well as a place that is prone to bad electricity supply and also ensure you locate it where you can easily get a clean and steady water supply. 

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    Purchase Your Equipment: It’s very necessary to purchase required equipment for your business which is ice block making machine or freezer depending on the scale you willing to operate, power generator and water purifier. With ice block making machine, your stress will be a lot limited unlike using freezers alone, you will have to fill some containers or plastic bags and arrange them inside the freezers. There’s a huge need for alternative power supply which is power generating set. You can purchase from 3.5KVA- 10KVA, depending on how many freezers/ice block making machine you have. Get an expert to put you through on how to go about it.

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    Market Your Business: Ensure you market your business so people can actually be aware of what product you actually producing. You can also partner with event planners since they always need ice block to ice soft drinks and waters. 

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    Offer Additional Service: Since ice block making is a seasonal business there’s peak time most especially during dry season when it’s mostly sunny.  You can add additional service by helping people freeze fish, meats our sea foods.

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  • Edit Tips The African continent is one of the continents that experience direct sunlight most especially those that are situated in savannah and tropical area in Africa. Because of humid weather condition most people in this region consume a lot of water so as to refresh and rehydrate therefore ice block business will grow rapidly in this kind of place.
  • Edit Tips The most reason why people prefer to use ice block to ice drinks or foods is because is faster and more efficient for event use.
  • Edit Tips Electricity supply is one of the challenges that people are facing most especially in Nigeria. However, most people cannot afford to buy a fridge or deep freezer so most people will rather go for ice blocks to ice the drinks.


  • Edit Warning You most set up your ice blocking machine or deep freeze in an area that has a good electricity supply so as to yield solid blocks and make a reasonable profit.
  • Edit Warning Always know how to connect to your customers so as to supply and distribute to the consumers by giving out your complimentary cards and contact phone number and address.

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