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Start In Pig Farming Business In Nigeria

    Location of My Farm: This is the highest investment required in setting up a pig farming business. In selecting your location, the following must be put into consideration:

    • Cost and availability: In setting up a small scale pig farm, at least, half a plot of land must be secured. In order to minimize cost, it is essential to secure land in a rural or semi-urban area where a cost of land is not on the side. The pens should be built in a way that would enable the pigs to move around freely with enough space in order for them to be healthy.
    • Proximity to the market or butcher: The pig farm should be located close to the market or butcher in order to minimize the cost of transporting the livestock to the market as this would save cost.
    • Cultural beliefs of the locality: Before setting up your pig farm in any environment, the beliefs and traditions of the area you intend to set up and sell your pigs should be put into consideration. For example; Muslims see consuming pigs as a taboo, so it is unwise to establish your business in their locality.
    • Size of My Farm: A clear picture of the size of your pig farm should be in mind as this would help in determining the amount of capital, availability of land and target market.


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    Availability and Amount of Capital Needed: This is a very critical and important issue that should be borne in mind and taken into consideration. The initial start-up cost does vary from location to location but on the average, an adult pig would be sold for at least #30,000 to #35,000. Some of the cost that would be incurred includes; construction costs, feeds and other sundry expenses. This would give you a very good idea of the amount of money you should have at your disposal before deciding to engage in pig farming business.

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    Constructing Your Pen: A pen is a house in which the pigs live in. Just as the quality and nature your house is important to your health and wellbeing, so is the pen important to the pigs. It is vital that the construction of your pen should be in such a way that would accommodate the pig to have enough room to roam about as much as they want and always be kept neat to avoid them contacting diseases. Past experience has shown that pigs survives and adapts mostly in a square shaped pen construction which is divided into the following sections; for eating, defection, sleeping and play area. The pen should also be constructed in a way that would prevent the pigs from escaping because naturally pigs are known to be intelligent and inquisitive animals.

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    Arranging For Quality Feed: Pigs can consume almost anything. In lieu of this fact, it is important to feed them with specialized food which would help them to grow fast and gain market weight on time. Bearing in mind that the market price of pigs depends on their weight, you should be concern about their weight as they grow. Pig feeds are available in the market in various types which are suited for pigs of different breeds and age. Vegetables, grass, fruits and cooked meats can also be offered to them. Also, the pigs should be provided with enough water regularly as they do consume a lot of water.

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    Buying The Right Piglets: It is very important to start with very healthy piglets. Ensure that they have all been vaccinated against all the common pig diseases. In addition, employ one or two workers who would assist with the feeding, cleaning and taking general care of the pigs. Cleaning and fumigation of the environment are very important in other to keep them free from diseases.

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  • Edit Tips Every business has its own trick to success, you should contact people who are already in the business to show you how to be successful in the business.
  • Edit Tips You have to develop love for the business if you don't already have it in other to be successful in the business


  • Edit Warning After the successful completion of setting up your farm, always ensure that you continue to seek out more information that will improve the quality of the pigs you produce, keep your ears open for seminars and training session on pig farming.

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