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Start Laundry Service Business In Nigeria

    Investigating Your Potential Competitors: A careful research should be carried out on the ways and practices of the people who are already engaged in the dry cleaning service business before venturing into it. This business is a highly competitive industry as a large number of people are already involved in it. A very good way to investigate them is to visit their shops and patronise them as this would give you a clear view of how they operate and run their business, pricing and quality of their services delivery and then capitalize on their weakness by trying to improve on it.

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    Sourcing For Adequate Capital: as it is generally known that capital is the life wire of every business and this is not an exception to dry cleaning business. Therefore, a clear knowledge of the required capital to start the business should be known before venturing into it and you need to decide on the means by which you would regularly derive and source for your funds.

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    Selecting A Suitable Location: This is a critical factor which also determines the success or failure of your laundry business for the selection of a business of this nature, three major things should be considered which are:

    Demographic i.e. your laundry should be located in a place that is highly populated with all the various classes of people (young, middle age and old).

    Visibility i.e. your laundry should also be located in a place that is extremely visible to the view of people as this would make the business advertise itself.

    Accessibility i.e. your laundry business should also be located in a place that is easily accessible to both public and private transport and also easy to identify without rigorous description.

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    Provision of Stable Power Supply: Power is undeniably a key factor to be considered in setting up a laundry business as you would need the power to wash with your washing machine and iron your client’s clothes. An alternative 7.5k power generating set therefore needs to be purchased due to the epileptic power supply in Nigeria.

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    Basic Equipment Needed: The basic equipment essential and required in starting up a laundry business are; washing machine, iron, generating set, water storage drums, tag guns, detergents and starch, spray guns, dryers, laundry nylon, standing fan, tables, buckets, etc.

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    Securing Committed And Dedicated Staff: In order to yield more profits and expand the scale of your business, it would be advisable to employ the services of one or two more people in handling requests in order to avoid disappointing your customers.

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  • Edit Tips The laundry business is one of a kind which can be operated by anyone who has the passion for it as no special skills, training or knowledge is required. Only your passion and determination are needed for the success in this business line.
  • Edit Tips Any potential owner of a laundry must be enthusiastic and quite energetic because the business requires a lot of strength. In addition, a lot of planning should be directed towards this business.


  • Edit Warning It should be noted that the possible challenges that you would face in setting up a laundry business include; inadequate or lack of utilities, difficulties in raising capital, multiple taxation, and stiff competition from existing competitors.

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