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Start Snail Farming Business In Nigeria

    Construction of the snailery: A snailery is a place or house where your snail is being reared. This could be a half plot of land or a whole plot just as available at your disposal. Unlike other agro-allied business, snail farming does not require massive investment in acquiring space. Notwithstanding, the space you decide to use, it should be made comfortable for the breed of the snails. Also, bear in mind the fact that the soil should not be too acidic, waterlogged or dry. The sandy-loamy soil is therefore the best for snail farming. Your snailery should also have trees like banana, plantain or other small trees. Moreover, the snailery should not be situated in a sunny or windy place.

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    Stocking: In snail farming, two ways of stocking are basically required which includes: (i) collecting them from the bush which is the first and most reliable method because this way there is guarantee of having healthy snails from their natural habitat to begin with. In order to obtain snail through this approach, you have to rise early (between 5am to 6am) daily to obtain snail from bushes. Plantain, pineapple and banana can be used as baits to lure them out as you only need to sprinkle the fruits on the floor in the night and then go back there the following morning to gather the snails. (ii) the other way is buying snails from the market, this is not so advisable as you run the risk of buying unhealthy and less productive snails from the market.

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    Feeding: Majorly snails feed only on green leaves and utilize nutrients from the floor to grow and most significantly from their shells. Therefore, in other to supplement nutrients from the soil, you need to supply the snails with cocoyam leaves, pawpaw leaves, cabbage, lettuce leaves, okra leaves, cassava leaves, mango, oil palm fruits, pears, vegetables and indelible fruits you have at home.

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    Harvesting and marketing: Enquiries should be made in other to determine the right people to contact when your snails are due for sale. Snails mature between 1year and 1 and half years.

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  • Edit Tips The rate at which people demand for snail is higher than the rate of supply, agreeing with the fact that the market is quite large.
  • Edit Tips Unlike poultry farming and fish farming, snail farming requires less capital investment to start and also the operational cost is quite low.
  • Edit Tips Snail farming is less time demanding and does not involve much stress
  • Edit Tips Snail farming does not require much space of land to get started.


  • Edit Warning It should be noted that snails take a very long time to mature before their sales, so it involves and requires a lot of time and patience, unlike catfish which matures within 6months.

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