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Stop Breastfeeding Without Pain

    Plan Ahead: Educate yourself about what to expect after the breastfeeding period, planning ahead during weaning process helps a lot due to unexpected challenges and surprises that may occur. 

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    Study And Make A Proper Research: It is advisable and beneficial for you to acquire more information that can help you during pregnancy, breastfeeding and weaning period. The internet provides series of platforms where you can get useful information to help you through during the weaning period. Meanwhile, don't just subscribe to whatever you find online, evaluate it and make a bit more research on it to know if it worth it or not.

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    Consult Specialist: Reach out to a specialist, they are the best to provide you with adequate and useful information due to their wealth of experience. They also organize seminars and classes for nursing mothers who are willing to learn about the weaning process.

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    Reach Out To Experienced Mothers: Conversing with experienced mothers also plays a great role, they are in a position to enlighten, explain and prepare you for the whole process. 

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    Start The Weaning Process In A Gradual Way: The body system has been prepared to meet the baby's nutritional needs requiring the quantity of milk the baby needs. This is the reason why you need to keep breastfeeding your baby until the milk is no longer needed by the baby. When you stop breastfeeding your baby, it is certain that you will have a painful experience and the sudden transition disrupt the whole process from been smooth and enjoyable.

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    Attempt Feeding Your Baby With Bottle: Make sure the baby is used to feeding with a bottle before switching to it. The bottle looks strange to babies and it takes time before they get used to it. Although the sucking process is the best for babies but due to working mothers, the bottle method has to be the fairly better option.

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    Reduce Breast Feeding Gradually: Once, the baby begins to accept the bottle method of feeding, you can now start to reduce the quantity of breast milk they consume gradually. You can also try to feed them with healthy snacks during the weaning process.

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    Massage The Breast Often: Once you start the weaning process, massage your breast frequently to prevent milk ducts that might plug up. Always massage gently to avoid boob from sagging. Devote special attention to the breast, if there is any lump or sore found during the massage, increase the rate of massage. A warm shower also works effectively with massage. If the massaging doesn’t record visible effect within 2 days, it’s advisable to see a doctor for proper medical care. Because plugged duct leads to mastitis which can pose a huge threat to one’s health within a short period of time. 

    Apply warm compresses to breasts to become tender. This method depends on the best form that makes them comfortable, cold compresses are also beneficial for some women.  Apply the form that most suit your body frequently.

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    START TO WEAR GOOD FITTING BRA: You need to start wearing a good fitting bra during the day and when going to bed. Don’t wear a bra that has underwires they will defeat the purpose. Put larger cabbage leaves into your bra cup, this helps to dry up processed milk faster. Put nursing pads on the nipples when leakages occur, the pads help to absorb breast milk.

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  • Edit Tips Make sure you understand what your baby needs, continue with your prenatal vitamins to enable proper nutrition to your body during the transition period.
  • Edit Tips Talk to your doctor about using ibuprofen as a pain killer.
  • Edit Tips Stay hydrated and continue to eat well-balanced diet regularly.
  • Edit Tips Sage tea also helps during the weaning process.
  • Edit Tips . Make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep daily, it helps refresh, regenerated and heal the body.


  • Edit Warning Don’t pump the breasts until they are empty during feeding session; seek medical counseling and attention if mastitis becomes apparent. Mastitis should be treated properly.
  • Edit Warning When depression becomes intense and frequent during weaning, make sure you consult your health care provider for urgent and regular counseling.

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